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Yea we're so excited about their next project!  A large part of why I loved 3.5 was all the min-maxing and optimization you could do to get insane numbers. That being said, I kind of remembered why bounded accuracy was a thing in 5e after watching my spellcasters struggle to land a single hit with their crossbow (even at lower level).
Eeeeh, I'm waiting to see what they do with the game before judging. "Missing does not work" is one of those things where it sounds scary, but anyone who played Pathfinder Kingmaker on higher difficulty and ended up missing 15x in a row can understand where the frustration comes from... soooo I'm eagerly waiting for Larian to show us some gameplay! :D
I sank more than 100 h in this game! But thanks the gods for the Turn Based mod, I wouldn't have been able to bear it otherwise. I'm having real trouble with RTwP :(
Yeah I backed it...before it went to Epic Store :) But I didn't withdraw my pledge. So far I'm a bit dissapointed by the early access versions, but I know what a development build is, so...I hope for the best.
I was wondering why I never heard of it... It was on PSP only, which I never had :(
Ahhhh XCOM 2. The Advent. The Redshirts. The Tactical Combat. The Redshirts. The Cheese. The Redshirts. Yea, that's a lot of Redshirts who died in the line of duty. But eh don't look at me, Bob had to do what Bob had to do, and that was taking one for the team.  So, who else here spent an unhealthy amount of time sacrificing Redshirts for the glory of Mankind saving humanity from Advent scum? Did...

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