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@Hatox: I shared similar fears, but during their AMA Larian explained that they were aware of the potential team initiative Alpha Strike issue - and that they are trying to solve it by having larger combat arenas. Verticality also helps in that regard, adding another layer of distance between the two groups. One thing to keep in mind is that you'll likely be the one triggering most of the fights anyway, so you can position...
You know, that's actually a very good point that didn't cross my mind for some reason. XCOM in harder difficulties if all about setting up the perfect Alpha Strike to take down the most dangerous threats before the enemy even gets a turn. Good players even know how to abuse the way opponents move when combat starts, by placing your soldiers in flanking positions before triggering the fight. It... somewhat makes sense in XCOM, because...
This is pretty interesting, as most of the worried comments I read was about Team Initiative. Now don't get me wrong, Team Initiative is very much a common thing in tactical turn-based games (look no further than XCOM and Fire Emblem). As you stated, it allowed for faster gameplay - along with a lot of other advantages, such as being Multiplayer friendly. That being said, this is where a lot of people start wondering if...
I wrote quite a bit about BG3 on Discord, but long story short I'm very interested by what they showed! It does look a lot like Divinity, but it's Larian Studios - that much was to be expected (and it's not necessarily a bad thing). I can understand that some BG fans might be a little disappointed, but I feel like it's shaping up to be an excellent game. As for changing the rules... I'm...
Hey folks, let's play nice. There's no need to get overly aggressive, everyone can have their own opinion. Remember that we're not all native english speakers nor professional diplomats either, so let's not always assume the worse when reading someone else's post. @kanisatha: Back to the topic. First of all, I'm really happy Owlcat decided to add a TB mode to their next game. However, there are three things to keep in mind: Owlcat is...
Ahhhh XCOM 2. The Advent. The Redshirts. The Tactical Combat. The Redshirts. The Cheese. The Redshirts. Yea, that's a lot of Redshirts who died in the line of duty. But eh don't look at me, Bob had to do what Bob had to do, and that was taking one for the team.  So, who else here spent an unhealthy amount of time sacrificing Redshirts for the glory of Mankind saving humanity from Advent scum? Did...

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