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Here in Italy it is really difficult to find books on D&D translated in general and when they are translated they are often really badly translated. The ones I managed to find and read are those of R. A. Salvatore and I came almost to "The Sundering". Instead I read the whole Shannara saga. Apparently Terry Brooks is the most popular in Italy and I must say that I've always liked how he writes ......
I began playing a long time ago (over 30 years) and my fondest memories are of 2d and 5th edition.  I enjoyed 2d edition tremendously and had (and still have, thanks to careful packing) many many books, played some 3d and 3.5 too, but skipped the entire 4th edition.  My favorite setting was by far the Forgotten Realms and I have read - in French and later in english - many of the novels set...
I'm also a HUGE fan of the Forgotten Realms setting, and have most of the FR novels. Oh man I'm a huge Forgotten Realms nerd too, I love the setting. I haven't read that many novels (Drizz't, War of the Spider Queen and the books about the priest and the weird dwarven druid Pikel), but boy have I read pages and pages of settings in the different manuals.
As I stated in our communication, I have been playing D&D for 30 years (so I missed 10 years of early D&D / AD&D). I have playing quite some AD&D 1st edition, a lot of 2nd edition, and a bit of 3rd edition. The rules seemed too complex to me at that stage, though I understand lots of people have come to love this edition, and I acknowledge it had many merits, such as standardizing...
If you're having trouble finding players, did you already try Fantasy Grounds and / or Roll20? Especially if you're in US time zones it shouldn't be too hard to find a group (quality of the group will be highly random though).
Hey you D&D folks out there. Let's throw a brick in that pond to start with: What's your favorite edition of D&D? :D

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