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Thanks for the info :D
Yea we saw that one weird bug happen from time to time. Should be fixed in the final game :p
Huh, that's some very strange bugs. Passing it along to the devs
Sometimes it's just the loading time being veeery long :(  If it really doesn't work, go to "\AppData\LocalLow\Tactical Adventures\Solasta" and delete UserPreferences.xml, sometimes it fixes it.
Send us a mail at with your Kickstarter name
Note: If you haven't read it already, don't miss out on our Dev Update #2! Pledge Manager - CrowdOx Surveys are out! For all you Backers out there, we've just sent the Pledge Manager surveys today! Make sure you check your mails, including your spam folder if you can't find it - for those with multiple mailboxes, it's the one linked to your Kickstarter Account. You should have received a mail from CrowdOx giving you...
Here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions, please don't hesitate to PM me on Discord if you have any other questions (it might help other people) BACKER / KICKSTARTER QUESTIONS  Q: I had Payment Issues with Kickstarter and the money wasn't sent. Do I still get my Kickstarter Reward? A: When our Pledge Manager goes live, you'll be able to try to get the payment working again. As long as you tried to Pledge through...

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