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Yep just tested, it's just a good smite roll!
Level 1 smite against undead is 3d8, so it could absolutely deal 20 radiant damage (3 min - 24 max). I'll check just to be sure
Known bug
Could you send us the save file?
Hello there folks! Here is a new updated list of known bugs and issues: Exploration / Quests Some players reported not being able to cast spells on Wall Sconces / Magic Lamps / Window Covers (regular torch still works)Characters can't move in the tiles under the falling cages in the Goblin Cave (Caer Lem) Opening the minimap (M) will lag out / crash the game - Fixed in 0.4.14bAfter defeating Razan in the Wizard's Tower,...
Hey there folks, First of all, thank you. Reporting bugs allows everyone to have a better experience in the long run, and we can't catch every little bug on our own (otherwise AAA games would have long been bug-free, ha ha ha...) - so having you guys helping is greatly appreciated. That said, you can help even more! Here is a list of things you can do to up your Bug Reporting proficiency bonus: Always...
Hello there folks! Are you having issues with loading screens? As in you sat there for more than 10 minutes, had time to get a coffee, thought about your life and mused about the meaning the universe? If that's the case, we potentially have a solution for you. Read on! Solution #1: Wait a bit more This may sound dumb, but Solasta being in Early Access and all, it's not very well optimized yet! If...
Hey there folks! Here is a list of known issues that you may (or may not!) encounter during your Early Access run. Rest assured that we're working on fixing all of that! Planned Improvements "Hide" Action has not been implemented yetUnconscious / Death System not fully implemented yetOption to disable auto camera panning on screen borders not implemented yetDifficulty Levels not implemented yetAnimation Speed to be adjustedSpells range are not displayed on the battle grid...
Note: If you haven't read it already, don't miss out on our Dev Update #2! Pledge Manager - CrowdOx Surveys are out! For all you Backers out there, we've just sent the Pledge Manager surveys today! Make sure you check your mails, including your spam folder if you can't find it - for those with multiple mailboxes, it's the one linked to your Kickstarter Account. You should have received a mail from CrowdOx giving you...

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Flying Bug?
By Alva_Conklin, 2 days ago