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Hey there folks! If you're looking for information, you can find our official wiki on Fextralife: As with all wikis, if there is anything missing, you can help out by adding new articles as well^^ Best, Myzzrym
Fun fact: It used to work due to a bug, and that was absolutely broken.
You can't throw the Dwarven Thrower in the current version
Work around while we work on a fix: - Load a save right after the council, before you talked to other NPCs - Talk to Gorrim and buy the food immediately - Only then go talk to Annie (scavenger) The bug happens when you talk to Annie before buying the food, making the main quest soft lock :(
Lighting is getting changed, take a look at the latest updates we're going back to tabletop rules^^
There will be side quests in the final game, but yes the game will mostly be linear
Hey there people! This is the Discussion thread where you can exchange on the Mayor Design Contest, ask questions and talk about the entries! With the usual caveats: Don't be a jackass. Don't mock people's submission - constructive criticism is okay if someone asks for it, but don't shove it down the throat of people who are not interested in it. Cheers, and may the best writer win! :)
Welcome to the Solasta Forums! Hope the trip wasn't too rough, roads do tend to get a bit bumpy around here ever since the new governor got into office. But please, do drop a note a note to introduce yourself, or ask any initial questions you may have. It's a great way to break the ice and get started. I'm Myzzrym, the Community Lead of Tactical Adventure. Some of you probably recognize the name (bonus...
Hey there folks, we're curious to know what you thought about our Animated Trailer (made by the fantastic guys and gals at Bobby Prod). How did you like it?

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