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10 months ago (edited)

Ahhhh XCOM 2. The Advent. The Redshirts. The Tactical Combat. The Redshirts. The Cheese. The Redshirts. Yea, that's a lot of Redshirts who died in the line of duty. But eh don't look at me, Bob had to do what Bob had to do, and that was taking one for the team. 

So, who else here spent an unhealthy amount of time sacrificing Redshirts for the glory of Mankind saving humanity from Advent scum? Did you do a Long War playthrough?

10 months ago (edited)

Played all from the first ... of the 90's I think it's called X-COM Ufo Defense to the last with expansion even if some of the last DLCs are really stupid aesthetics that add nothing to the game itself. The final expansion instead is a completely different story and defeating the various "Apostles" was a great challenge. I hope to see an X-COM 3 maybe with some space combat to regain the solar system would not be bad.

Beautiful the Vigilo Confido T-shirt that you see in the presentation video :P

Tactical Zaz
Level 8
9 months ago

I did spend years of life playing the Xcom franchise but I only have 1 playthrough of Xcom2, I must say. I should check out what updates have been added, maybe I can have another run.

Did Enemy Unknown three times, though, just checking design theories...of course, not for fun :)

But you're only a real one if you have done X-com apocalypse, which was a massive letdown for me, but I still played. That's how much a fan I am :)

My favorite is still Terror From the Deep.

8 months ago

Oh guys, I hope you´ve heard of "Phoenix Point" from the original creator of UFO Defense!

Have a look at it; release is in December. And it´s really deep gameplay compared to XCOM!

Tactical Zaz
Level 8
7 months ago

Yeah I backed it...before it went to Epic Store :) But I didn't withdraw my pledge.

So far I'm a bit dissapointed by the early access versions, but I know what a development build is, so...I hope for the best.