Xbox Dungeon Maker corrupts launcher

Level 2
1 year ago

I bought this game on the Xbox gamepass. When I try to access the Dungeon Maker, I get access denied message. And the launcher is corrupted and no longer loads properly with No applicable app licenses found. I have to run WSReset.exe in a command prompt to clear the Windows Store cache. I can repeat this error every time.

1 year ago (edited)


We've attempted to replicate the issue you reported, but were unable to do so.

On our end, opening the Dungeon Maker menu triggers no errors, neither when we attempt to download a User Campaign or create one.

We think you may have had some files that were not properly downloaded during an update, which could cause the sort of issue you are describing! If that is the case, uninstalling then reinstalling should allow you to repair this error.

If uninstalling, then reinstalling the game did not help, let us know and we will investigate further!

EDIT: I completely forgot that you can also Verify and Repair files on the store! From the Xbox Companion App, click on the button next to "Play", then select Manage -> Files -> Verify and Repair.

Level 2
1 year ago

thank you. I did run the verify and repair function, but it did not resolve the issue. However, the WSReset did work. I think you are right that there is either some corruption or missing download. When I reinstalled, the issue seems to have disappeared.

I'm still unable to access the DungeonMaker function though. Is this a known issue?

1 year ago

I have the same problem on XBOX

I can neither load anything nor create anything myself.

Level 13
1 year ago (edited)

The Dungeon Maker is not available on XBox. You can not create content via XBox. In theory, you will be able to DL and play user made content later, but not atm.


Is the Dungeon Maker available on Xbox?

While you can download Dungeon Maker maps & campaigns from and play them on Xbox, you can't create custom content directly via the Dungeon Maker on Xbox. The Dungeon Maker was deemed too complex to adapt to pad control, so creating custom maps & campaigns is limited to the PC version for now."