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Hello. I am working on my own compain "Thorin's Court: the Call of the Banished Lord".  It's a level 1-12 or 1-20 (unfinished business mod required, 6 party) {2 variants). The story takes place not in Solasta, but on Golorian (homebrew of pathfinder 2.0, dnd 5th edition and my own). This story takes place after the second crusade.

{Background LORE provided to Player}

Your party arrives from the river kingdoms through the badlands, to escort a merchant who has lost his mind. He found a jewel in a crypt, his caravan was destroyed, his companions lost their lives, turned undead, and him teleported out fully naked with just a jewel. He was found, however the jewel was not returned. In thorin's court, people began to randomly vanish. Horrifying monsters have appeared at random, a black dragon in particular. Undead have exploded in numbers.  To contain and remain in control, the agents of pharasma have arrived in large numbers. 

Your task to return the jewel to the crypt. Depending on how you explore thorin's court, you either 

A) loose approval of the city and are thrown out, leading to being captured and forced to work for the undead. (Evil  / quest fail)

B) By your own choices, engage in unwinnable encounters against factions leading to a party whipe. <5 of these so far>

C) Follow the mainquest, and return the jewel (causes x/y- no spoilers) or you steal the jewel (causes x/y). Your choice determines faction 

D) Declared nemesis and have to murder all the factions 

Featured story is roughly 20 hours, open world/ linear (20 sidequests). I added 65 new legendary items, 45 new magic items, a lot of homebrew monsters vary from cr 1-cr 30. Some bosses have 4000 HP. 

CR1-4: 1-3 HITS, health 25-45. AC of 12-16 (+1-+3)

CR5-10: 4-7 HITS. Health 65-90. AC of 14-18 (+2- +4)

CR11-20: 8-12 hits or 4 hits with DC 20 or 4 hits 1d3 + 2 conditions . Hp 120-160. AC 18-22

CR 22 Elites: Hp 140-450. Drop legendary gear. Same as CR 11-20 (+5 - +7)

CR24: HP450-900. AC 25. 14 attacks or 7 dc20 +4 conditions. Drop 2 legendary (+5 -+7)

CR30: 2000 Hp. AC of 30. 10 attacks + 4 conditions. (+7)

CR 30 elites: Hp 3000+. AC35. Unique, (+9)

New Gear:

Legendary: 1000 Plat. (You can get enough for 5 in a play through). + 2 can be found 

       Martial weapons /Bows: 3(1d20 ) + 1 condition or equivalent 

       Arrows / spears... ( 1d10)3, +2 conditions 

       Shields / armor: up to+9 AC nat.

Featured Monsters:

A: (40 secret encounters), 10 legendary bosses, 8 CR30 elites.

B: 50 custom monsters CR1-22

C: Enemies of Pharasma, Various undead.

The campaign includes 12 new maps (large' hand crafted). 14 smaller maps. 8 maps for loot (elites). I am currently working on version 1.0.1 Hoping to release it sometime in the upcoming months. Everything had been tested me. Let me know down here what monsters or gear you may want. Or concerns/ ideas. Thanks.


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FYI : there is actually a Dungeon Maker forum/topic on these forums.  Just saying. 

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FYI : there is actually a Dungeon Maker forum/topic on these forums.  Just saying. 

I did not know, thanks for the re-direct. Ima post this there tomorrow. Figured content creators as in making campaign.