Wizards Not Proficient in Light Crossbow

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1 month ago

According to the SRD, a Wizard's proficiencies are as follows:


Armor: None
Weapons: Daggers, darts, slings, quarterstaffs, light crossbows
Tools: None

However, the light crossbow appears to have been left off the list in Solasta. (As well as slings, but I'm not sure if those are even in the game, whereas crossbows are.)

1 month ago (edited)


I honestly hadn't noticed this, because I rolled my Wizard up as a High Elf and she rocks with a longbow thanks to that sweet, sweet 18 DEX (at least until she hits 5th level and gets those improved cantrips). Honestly, her stats just make me crave a Bladesinger in the game, but we do what we must. Besides, has *anyone* found a legitimate reason *not* to play a Shock Arcanist?? Casting everything at +1 spell level with no limitations is mind-explodingly good. Honestly, I feel like I'm getting away with something, and it feels a touch in the OP category; part of me wonders if that should have some limitation on it. Per D&D precedent, it seems like that would be a "# of times = your INT modifier per long rest" thing.

In any cast, thanks for bringing this up! Note to self - all wizards shall be elves until this is fixed. :)

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