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Hey there everyone,

We're back today with the results of the Wishing Well Event, with our final two community subclass designs (as well as some runner-ups that we really liked). We've also saved the VOD of last week's stream for those who might have missed it - which ended up becoming a Q&A and unboxing session (with the support of a cute cat cam). Also, make sure you check your emails - the final PDF of the Sourcebook has been sent through CrowdOx

Here we can see two members of the Solasta team hard at work. Such passion. Much wow. 

Dev Stream Archive

Didn't manage to catch last week's stream? No worries, you can watch (or rather listen to) the session here. Outside an impromptu unboxing session of the Solasta Adventure Box, we've mostly been discussing about the upcoming DLC, bugs and improvements as well as modding (with a good amount of unrelated tangents about gaming and the game industry in general). Grab a coffee and enjoy those 2 hours of chit-chat! 

Community Contest: Crown of the Dungeon Player?!

For those who might not be aware, some awesome members of the community have been hosting Community Contests recently. After SirMadnessTV's Custom Dungeon Creation Contest, it's now Vel's turn to announce the Crown of the Dungeon Player contest - a custom dungeon run contest with $125 prize pool in Steam gift cards! Just click on the image below to see the rules and submit your run.

Huge thanks to Vel for hosting this contest. Go give it a try!

Wishing Well - And the Community Subclasses are...

Before we get into the results, we just wanted to thank you all again for participating to the Wishing Well Event. We've received several hundred submissions, totaling more than 2,000 features to sift through - and let me tell, some of those ideas were fantastic. For everyone who participated and had a valid email address linked to a Solasta Forum account, you should have received a new forum badge!

Barbarian Participation / Barbarian Community Designer / Druid Community Designer / Druid Participation

For those who may not remember the Wishing Well Event rules, we picked up themes and features that we loved the most to put together a Druid & Barbarian community subclass from all the great ideas you submitted. Without further ado, here are the members of the community whose submission we took inspiration from: Patrick P. Hansen, Randy Ward, IceJoker, MooWun, Brad Allison, Miles Young (Ragnar), Cat Scratch Fever, DestinyNinja, Joshua Talty

Barbarian - Path of Stone

Barbarian Community Subclass - Path of Stone

Barbarians following this path draw their strength from their connection to stone. They never give up in the face of adversity and thrive in hostile environments. The first Stone Barbarians hailed from the North, even before there was a Snow Alliance. They were the ones who kept the people safe during the harsh winters, when hungry monsters were on the prowl. And once Manacalon began its incursions, they were in the thick of it, lending their legendary implacability to the resistance. 1000 years after the Cataclysm the Path of Stone still has many followers, from all lineages. 

Path Features:

  • Level 3: Stone Resilience - While raging, you gain temporary HP equal to twice your proficiency bonus at the end of your turn. These temporary hit points are removed once you stop raging.
  • Level 6: Strength from Within - You can use your Constitution modifier instead of another ability modifier whenever you have to make a Saving Throw.
  • Level 10: Rock Solid - While raging, you gain +1 AC for every hostile opponent you can see within 5' of you, up to a maximum of +4.
  • Level 14 (not in-game): Last Stand - While you have temporary HP, you gain a bonus to your melee weapon attacks and melee weapon damage rolls equal to half your proficiency bonus. Additionally, whenever your Relentless Rage roll succeeds, you also gain temporary HP equal to 1/4th of your maximum HP. These temporary hit points are removed once you stop raging.
  • Note: Temporary Hit Points do not stack (higher amount of temporary HP overrides current temporary HP).
  • ContributorsPatrick P. Hansen, Randy Ward, IceJoker, MooWun, Brad Allison

Barbarian Runner-Ups

  • Sacrifice Theme: Deal additional damage when below half HP / Gain the effect of Bless for one round when damaged / Expend hit point dice in combat to gain temporary HP / Regain HP gradually up until half max HP while raging.
  • Might Theme: Rage damage bonus is doubled + Make a free shove action when hitting with Reckless Attack / Double movement speed when entering rage + hitting enemies reduce their speed by half for a round / Add an extra weapon damage die to your Reckless Attack / Gain AC depending on number of enemies around you (reused in Path of Stone)
  • Dragon Theme: Gain AC + Resistance to one element / Breath Attack (limited use) / Deal additional elemental damage with melee weapon attacks / Enemies hitting you in melee take elemental damage
  • Warpaint Theme - Share Rage bonus damage to surrounding allies / Enemies within 5' are affected by Bane on a failed saving throw (aura) / Share Rage resistance to damage type to surrounding allies / Ranged attacks against you are made with disadvantage.
  • Chieftain Theme - Can't be surprised + Gain Advantage on Initiative rolls / Enemies you hit have disadvantage if they try to attack someone else / Gain AC for each ally close to you / Bolster an ally granting Temporary HP to both of you and giving them advantage on their next attack (limited use)

Druid - Circle of Winds

Druid Community Subclass - Circle of Winds

Druids from this circle draw their strength from the winds. As the Cataclysm raged, the connection druids felt to nature frayed. But not so for the Circle of the Winds. They felt the mana currents carried by the winds and through them a connection to nature. Through this, they were able to protect nature from the worst of the cataclysm-born depredations. The Circle is still alive today, its druids hailing from all part of Solasta, wanderers under the open sky.  

Circle Features:

  • Level 2: Carried by the Wind - Casting a level 1 or higher spell makes you automatically take the Disengage action for free and gain 10' of movement speed until the end of your turn.
  • Level 6: Sheltering Breeze - You can use a bonus action to let a Sheltering Breeze blow upon all allies within 30' of you, making them gain advantage on all Saving Throws until the start of your next turn. You can use this feature a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier per long rest. 
  • Level 10: Guiding Winds - When you hit an enemy with an attack (anything that requires an attack roll), the next attack made against them before the end of your next turn has advantage. 
  • Level 14 (not in-game): Unfettered - While conscious, you are constantly under the effect of Freedom of Movement.
  • Contributors: Miles Young (Ragnar), Cat Scratch Fever, DestinyNinja, Joshua Talty

Druid Runner-Ups

  • Plant Theme: Summon a patch of venomous vines, poisoning and damaging upon failed saving throw (limited use) / Create a plant armor granting you temporary HP and dealing piercing damage back upon getting hit by melee attacks (limited use) / Gain the permanent effect of Barkskin and reduce non-magical damage taken by a flat amount / Increase the power of venomous vines and plant armor.
  • Cycle of Life Theme: Use your reaction to reroll a failed concentration check with advantage (limited use) / Gain a bonus to your spell DC and spell attack modifier equal to half your knowledge level when fighting creatures you already faced (Solasta only) / Damaging an enemy with a level 1 or higher spell prevents them from healing any HP until the start of your next turn / While not incapacitated, critical hits count as normal hits and you gain resistance to poison and necrotic damage (too similar to Fungal Body from Circle of Spore)
  • Healing Theme: Restoring HP using a spell of level 1 or above also heals the target for half your druid level HP at the start of your next turn / Make a giant flower sprout on the battlefield, healing and shielding allies who end their turn next to the flower (limited use) / Healing spells are automatically cast as if using a spell slot on level higher / When dropping to 0 HP, immediately regain 50% of your maximum health (once per long rest)

Alright folks, this is the end for today! As always thank you for reading, and remember to download your Solasta Sourcebook PDF if it was among your Kickstarter rewards. And check out our Forums and our Discord Server to chat with other players :D

Article by Tactical Myzzrym

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1 year ago

I'm extremely honored to be one of the people mentioned even as a partial inspiration for Path of Stone. I have one question though, is it possible to have my submission sent back? I developed it on the spot and didn't make a backup. I'm hoping it's still saved somewhere.

1 year ago

Funny enough, Arrowgaard, I also got picked for path of stone and I -also- didn't seem to save my submission anywhere! 

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1 year ago

Heh, let's hope for the slim chance that they have a backup and that they'll be kind enough to look for it. Also, congrats! 

Tactical Myzzrym
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1 year ago

Sure thing, I'll send that by mail to you.

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1 year ago

Received! And with special notes you didn't even need to include. Thank you so much!

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