Wich is your favorite party?

5 months ago (edited)

Full holy party, 2 paladins 2 combat clerics ... Why because its hilarious and not bad ;) (all dwarves ofc)

Level 14
5 months ago (edited)

OK, my favorite is, all high elves, all with good enough Dex to carry longbows,

2 Paladins, both Twohanders, Oath of the Motherland.

battle cleric


These dude kick ass. Many an encounter never get close enough to score a hit.

I used to use heavy crossbows, but liked the greater range of longbows. Sometimes I never cast a spell.

And I just acquired that weird quiver of ever-arrows.

5 months ago

My 1st run in Lost Valley was with: 

Barbarian (Stone), Wizard (Court mage), Druid (Balance), Ranger (Swiftblade).

1) On cataclysm... well, this wasn't successful one) Tanking trough HP doesn't work balanced enough (at least i didn't handle with it), even with Healer druid behind. There was a tanking trough resurrection (druid is great here).

2) 1st shot for druid... a bit dissapointed. Pros - In terms of numbers it is probably the best healer at the moment. But the gameplay is kinda weird. Melee version - doesn't work at all for me, kindred spirit died in 2-3 hits. As a caster - A LOT of concentration. 

3) Saying a lot - Swift blade is the best subclass of this add-on (and one of the best in compete with all dd subclasses). 

Really. Who can beat it? Blade dance+hunters mark+poison+aura of righteousness (if get one) saying good bye for every target fast enough, but mostly shines on bosses - bottle neck of many fights. If you have a great competitors as melee dd - please, share it!

As a result - not enough tanking potential (even with a court mage)

Now starts with pally as a tank + cleric. Goes FAR MORE easier. 


Planning to start some roleplay parties and 1st idea is a dwarf patrol but Warhammer style.

Tank - mountaineer warrior (aka ironbreaker)

rdd - ranger sniper

healer - cleric (lightning) - like a rune magic

mdd... dunno what for slayer. need your advice. ideally could be a barbarian berserker/magebane or ranger i guess...  

What do you think?

Level 14
2 months ago

I'm thinking an all Lost Valley archetype group:

Swift Blade Ranger.

Path of the Claw Barbarian.

Court Mage Wizard.

Mischief Cleric.

Typos happen. More so on the phone.

1 month ago (edited)

Half Elf Sorceror, Draconic origin, Aristocrat

Sylvan Elf Rogue, Shadowweaver, Spy

Sylvan Elf Ranger, Swift (or is it twin) Blade, Lowlife

Half-Orc Cleric, Battle Domain, Acolyte (or Academic)

This is what I've currently been using and biggest caveats are that a sorceror is not as useful as a wizard (no scribe ability) and maybe should have made the cleric a hill dwarf, but the sorc has been doing a great job on crafting and is dealing solid damage. Almost all my chars are also using ranged weapons at the start to soften up enemies. The cleric spirits spell melts trash mobs with it's radiant damage and if the fight goes really south, time for divine fortitude and stoneskin.

I make a lot of poisons and use them liberally. The only fights that have been REALLY hard so far were the 2 different defiler fights, even with decent numbers and saves, they were very difficult. I'd mop the floor with them now, but didn't have as many spell options when they were encountered early on and didn't have nearly as many decent items or armor.