Wich is your favorite party?

2 months ago (edited)

Full holy party, 2 paladins 2 combat clerics ... Why because its hilarious and not bad ;) (all dwarves ofc)

Level 14
2 months ago (edited)

OK, my favorite is, all high elves, all with good enough Dex to carry longbows,

2 Paladins, both Twohanders, Oath of the Motherland.

battle cleric


These dude kick ass. Many an encounter never get close enough to score a hit.

I used to use heavy crossbows, but liked the greater range of longbows. Sometimes I never cast a spell.

And I just acquired that weird quiver of ever-arrows.

1 month ago

My 1st run in Lost Valley was with: 

Barbarian (Stone), Wizard (Court mage), Druid (Balance), Ranger (Swiftblade).

1) On cataclysm... well, this wasn't successful one) Tanking trough HP doesn't work balanced enough (at least i didn't handle with it), even with Healer druid behind. There was a tanking trough resurrection (druid is great here).

2) 1st shot for druid... a bit dissapointed. Pros - In terms of numbers it is probably the best healer at the moment. But the gameplay is kinda weird. Melee version - doesn't work at all for me, kindred spirit died in 2-3 hits. As a caster - A LOT of concentration. 

3) Saying a lot - Swift blade is the best subclass of this add-on (and one of the best in compete with all dd subclasses). 

Really. Who can beat it? Blade dance+hunters mark+poison+aura of righteousness (if get one) saying good bye for every target fast enough, but mostly shines on bosses - bottle neck of many fights. If you have a great competitors as melee dd - please, share it!

As a result - not enough tanking potential (even with a court mage)

Now starts with pally as a tank + cleric. Goes FAR MORE easier. 


Planning to start some roleplay parties and 1st idea is a dwarf patrol but Warhammer style.

Tank - mountaineer warrior (aka ironbreaker)

rdd - ranger sniper

healer - cleric (lightning) - like a rune magic

mdd... dunno what for slayer. need your advice. ideally could be a barbarian berserker/magebane or ranger i guess...  

What do you think?

3 weeks ago (edited)

WRT Goodberry, I always ended up with too much food when I had someone with it in my party.

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