Where is the Secret Entrance?

Level 14
3 weeks ago (edited)

I am at the 'Wind of Change' quest for the Mask, which requires you to find the secret entrance. It's pretty obvious where the space is, since you can 'see' a little bit through walls when you get close enough, but the door is not interactable and I have snuck around the place several times and found nothing. I have also tried checking around the other Orenetis banners in the market area. Help?

[edit] Figured it out. Hint follows...

Spoiler ahead...

Move the cursor over the area around the biggest Orenetis banner just inside the entrance. There is a space there that is accessible that leads somewhere...

2 weeks ago

When near the city entrance and left a little, there are vines growing up the wall which you can climb then climb some more, then walk on top of the stone area, jump down and into the secret area and rooms. I got stuck on this for a while until I realized it.