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3 years ago

Now that the excitement of the Kickstarter Campaign is over, it's time to... Eh, who am I kidding, we're still as excited as we were on Friday - again, thank you to each and everyone of you. But a lot of you now are wondering what's going to happen next, and here we are to answer!

Kickstarter Rewards & Pledge Manager

In early November 2019 you will be receiving a survey link by mail from CrowdOx (our Pledge Manager) to finalize your Kickstarter rewards. This is where you will:

  • Review your Pledge Level and Rewards
  • [Optional] Increase your Pledge Level (limited in time)
  • [Optional] Purchase Physical Add-Ons (limited in time)
  • Add your Country / Address if you have Physical Goods in your Rewards
  • Pay for Shipping Fees if you have Physical Goods in your Rewards

Keep your Survey Link somewhere, as you will be able to update your address or review all your information as long as you have it. In case you lose it, click here (only works after receiving the first mail from CrowdOx, so not before November). Not to worry though, we'll write a Kickstarter Update after the survey mails have been sent, so you'll be informed!

Physical Add-Ons

Physical Add-Ons will be available for a limited amount of time even if you are not a Kickstarter Backer. The reason is fairly simple - we're only doing a single batch for these Physical Items, there won't be more in the future! The Physical Add-Ons are:

  • Solasta Campaign Rulebook (Hardcover) - Kickstarter Edition: 41€ / $45 approx.
  • Solasta Campaign Rulebook (Hardcover) - Standard Edition: 32€ / $35 approx.
  • Solasta Adventure Box: 27€ / $30 approx.
  • Solasta Original Soundtrack Vinyl: 27€ / $30 approx.

These will be available starting from November 2019: CrowdOx Store

Payment Issues

We're seeing some comments about people having Payment Issues. Unfortunately, this is between Kickstarter and your Bank - we have no visibility or control over that.

That being said, do not worry! Once Kickstarter transfers the funds to us, we will contact everyone whose payment has failed to help them with it. It usually takes around 14 days, so it would probably be around end of October.

Late Pledge?

A few latecomers have been asking if we were going to do a Late Pledge campaign with Paypal. While we're very happy to see that we still have people arriving on a daily basis, we are sorry to announce that we will not be doing a Late Pledge campaign. Every campaign needs a beginning and an end, and we decided that Kickstarter would determine those dates.

How to Contact Us?

In case you have issues or questions, know that it's very easy to reach us! Whether it is by private message on Kickstarter, a thread on our Forum, an @ on Discord, a message on Facebook or even on Twitter, we'll usually see it fairly quickly!

Thanks again!