What kind of parties will you create?

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Level 4
1 year ago

Not sure about the races yet, but the first party is going to be:

1) Palladin - the best martial class in 5e, and one of the best overall. He will be the tank and the diplomat of the group.

2) Ranger - probably Sylvan and an archer for sure, with low-life bacground for the thief tools. This is basically a 'why need a Rogue, when you have the Ranger?' kind of deal. In the 1-10 level range this is going to be a Rogue on steroids, more or less. Sure not as many skills in one class, but we are not playing one character, we are playing a party. 

3) Cleric - Pretty standard sure, but it's a full caster in plate, what's not to like? Not sure about the domain yet, might go for a blaster just for fun ;)

4) Wizard - Again a standard, but also probably the most broken class in 5e.. or in DnD in generall. Much spells, very pew pew, wow!

I'm super sad that we don't get a bard... oh well, maybe as dlc.

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1 year ago (edited)

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