What kind of parties will you create?

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1 year ago (edited)

I'm sure at least some of us are already brainstorming ideas for characters we'd like to play and imagining how they'll interact with each other. So far I have two party concepts: Number 01 consists of a human paladin of Tirmar with either the Lawkeeper, Academic or Philosopher background, a aristocratic high elf shock arcanist wizard, a half- elf (half- sylvan elf if possible) lowlife rogue and sellsword hill dwarf battle domain cleric. Once both half-orcs and dragonborn become playable I'll make a second party with a half-orc paladin of the homeland, a marsh halfling shadow tamer ranger, a dragonborn sorcerer (child of the rift or mana painter, I haven't decided yet) and a snow dwarf elemental domain cleric. I'm still unsure about the backgrounds for this second group but I'm failrly sure they'll get along more than the other group.

I imagine the first party will have a rocky start due to their differences but will still make an effective team while the second group will have an easier time getting along but will largely be "widler" than the other group, with different goals and alignments. The second group's sorcerer was originally intended to be a sylvan elf but I decided to make them a dragonborn instead because I like them and to increase the contrast between the two groups.I personally hope that the game will receive even more new backgrounds and personality options to make different playthroughs feel even more different.

What kind of groups are you going to make and why? Please feel free to go into as much detail as you want ^^

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1 year ago (edited)

I like your second group : just my personal preference because they seem more gritty and outcast.  A "marsh halfling shadow tamer ranger" is hard to beat. :P

I have not decided much of course, but it will certainly have a Snow Dwarf for sure (big fan of Dwarves and the Snow Dwarf reminds me of Sagani [tribal Boreal Dwarf] in Pillars of Eternity 1).

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1 year ago

I'm glad you approve ^^ The only downside of this combination will be that the halfling will always be at a disadvantage when using the longbow unless the game comes with the option of giving him a shortbow instead or if the rules for small creatures work different in Solasta (doubtful) but I'll probably be able to get a shortbow or light crossbow sooner or later.And while I could switch classes between some of the characters I like the mental image of the group as it is.

I'm a roleplaying and worldbuilding enthusiast who appreciates the weird and wonderful.

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1 year ago

I am in love with elves so I will create 3 elves and 1 half-elf.

1) My first character will be an half-elf paladin with the noble background. As she is an Half-elf she gets two skills so I will take every social charisma-based skills with her. She will use heavy armor+shield to fight. I will take every feats which can help her to use healing because I won't use any other healer in the party (I know it is much easier with a cleric, but I won't use it).

2) My second character will be an high-elf fighter with the criminal background. He will use a rapier and a medium armor with nothing in his second hand. I intend to make him a duelist with the duelist feat and the medium armor mastery. I think a spellblade will be the best as spellblade features are intelligence-based (for the number of use for example). Thanks to his background and his high dexterity he will be the main trap-disabler and lock-picker (I won't use a rogue, I know it is much easier with a rogue, but I won't use it). He will get a cantrip as he is an elf, I'll take "blade-ward". And finally he will be Chaotic-neutral (all the other one will be loyal good or neutral good). 

3) My third one will be an high-elf mage with the sage background and loremaster as subclass. I like to add all the intelligence-based skill with this one and take all the feats and power that can help him to do so. It is a pretty common build for an elf.

4) My last one will be an elf ranger with the outlander background. So far I don't know what will be the second elven race available but I hope it will be something like sylvan elf. I will use the longbow and a wolf friend. This one will be a little special because I intend to make him powerful in wisdom and average in the other abilities. The "wolf" will be the warrior of this small team and the elf will be a skilled character with... skills.

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1 year ago

I would like to adjust my first group because I greatly prefer the Loremaster over the Shock Arcanist. I'm so glad they designed this specialization and that it received enpugh votes to become part of the game ^^

I'm a roleplaying and worldbuilding enthusiast who appreciates the weird and wonderful.

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1 year ago

i want to create a party based on some of the characters in Critical Role (campaign 2), and then in another playthrough i also want to recreate my D&D party from the home game that i play with my partner and some friends! 

since we only know 4 races that are available right now, i'll have to change the race of some of the characters, but it'll still be them! i'm excited :)

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1 year ago

5 races now, Half Elves are also available!^^

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1 year ago

Half Elves,Finally someone to brood constantly in my party, thank you.  LOL, Half elves can be fun to play.

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1 year ago

Without half-orcs/orcs or at least dragonborn, it will be smol party of smol dorfs and halflings

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1 year ago

High Elf dex based fighter, noble background and a focus on Archery

Storm Silverrain

Dwarf Cleric, Acolyte background


Halfling Rogue, Folk Hero backgound


Human Wizard, Sage background


I know cliche group and we will have strength check issues.

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10 months ago

Female Human Paladin

Male Dwarven Cleric

Male Elven Mage

Female Halfling Rogue

A classic setup basically. :)

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10 months ago

Hmm, I'll try

Female Marsh Halfling Fighter, Cleric, Rogue, and Wizard.

Limited reactivity, but I know what I like. Also sweet sweet lucky, dex, and con bonuses. Have to figure out the backgrounds though. Lawful/Good leaning party too.

10 months ago

Human paladin, elven wizard, elven rogue, and human cleric.

I don't know what specialisations or subclasses or whatever you call them from 5e made it into this game.

Level 2
10 months ago

First playthrough i'll go for something very standard : High Helf Wizard / Hill Dwarf Rogue / Human Fighter / Human Cleric

Then (if the game is as good as i hope it will be :p) i'll try more exotic compositions, like a non-caster one (Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue). Should at least provide challenge. Also a party centered around a sorcerer once it's available.

9 months ago (edited)

I think i'll go with:

- Halfling Paladin (Lawmaker)

- Dwarf Ranger (Low-Life)

- Half-Elf Sorcerer (Aristocrat)

- Human Cleric (Acolyte)

Level 7
9 months ago

leaning towards

LE aristocrat Elf Wizard

TN Philosopher or Spy Half-Elf/Elf Rogue

NG Academic Dwarf Cleric-Life

LG Human Paladin  *** (probably low-life for the lulz)

Really want to see if the Elf and Paladin will try to kill each other to complete their personal objectives. :P