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Tactical Myzzrym
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Tactical Adventures Dev
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1 year ago (edited)

Welcome to the Solasta Forums! Hope the trip wasn't too rough, roads do tend to get a bit bumpy around here ever since the new governor got into office. But please, do drop a note a note to introduce yourself, or ask any initial questions you may have. It's a great way to break the ice and get started.

I'm Myzzrym, the Community Lead of Tactical Adventure. Some of you probably recognize the name (bonus points if you can name the novel), which wouldn't be surprising since we're mostly D&D fans among here. I've been DM'ing D&D for... a little more than 15 years now? I started in the 3.5 era and stayed faithful to it until very recently - I only switched to 5e around a year ago, maybe even less (you already guessed it, 4e wasn't really my thing). I've also been DM'ing World of Darkness for some time, and I have recently joined a Call of Cthulhu table as a player. 

But since we're not necessarily all Tabletop enthusiasts here, I guess I should also talk a bit about Video Games! I was actually a huge MOBA buff back in the days, I've spent thousands and thousands of hours playing, watching and casting DotA, DOTA 2, HoN, LoL, HotS, even a bit of Smite... Nowadays I'm back to playing a lot of Tactical RPGs (Final Fantasy Tactics saved me quite a few times back in the days whenever Internet was not available), such as X-COM 2, Battle Brothers, Fell Seal...

But enough about me. Let's hear about you!

Level 2
1 year ago

Hello! My gamer name is Plastik I am from Canada. 

I found out about your game on google news today and immediately fell in love. This game could have so much potential! 

Ever since the 80's I loved cartoons, RPG games, NES, SEGA fantasy movies, and comics. Until one day I found a 2nd Edition D&D Players Handbook. I went on to buy the whole set except the DM manual. I remember in high school wishing to bump into someone with the same passion for D&D but to no avail. Growing up I got my fix from books and video games and creating these D&D characters I would never use.

Till this day there has never been 1 game that I could still play my D&D Character.  

I probably have thousands of hours of RPG / strategy gameplay, mixing the NES, SNES, N64, CUBE, Gameboys, SEGA, PS, PS2, PS3, PS4, & PC. (Still, have to buy a switch!) 

I would love to give my input on some great ideas for this game! 

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1 year ago (edited)

Greetings and salutations one and all!

I'm Xan'thais (Xan for short). 46 from Southern California. I heard about this game last week via an IGN article.

Been playing D&D for over 20 years, most of that as a DM. Was super into the old 'Pool of Radiance' game back in the day, so when I read this was turn-based, my curiosity was immediately piqued!  Games like Diablo-3 and stuff are fun, but sooooooooo chaotic with everything happening at the same time. Since this is turn-based, it really gives it that D&D feel.

Downloaded the Alpha demo this morning and gotta say, it plays great! Camera rotation is a bit wonky, but that might be my settings. Still can't find Hector though, and those huge double doors on the floor that the game says to inspect, don't do anything. Goes to a cut-scene that just does a camera pull-back, but nothing happens.

Anyways, looking forward to this in full release!

Level 1
1 year ago

Agree that the camera needs some work, and the cut scene animations are pretty...well, janky. Combat and exploring that dungeon is really fun though.

1 year ago

Hi I'm Faun, been gaming since I started in 78 with AD&D, many other games and many adventures later I'm always interested in the next "best game" that gets closer the Table Top RPG. I'm hoping that Solasta keeps going and reaches the light of day and is produced and available for all of us to play. 

Ranger Reek
11 months ago

Greetings!!! I have been a little slow in finding all of my Solasta friends. 

I am Ranger Reek and I stream full time video games and DnD content. I found this game by accident on an Instagram Ad of all places. I have been playing TTRPGs for 30 years and, like previous entries, have been waiting for a game that fully embraces the feel of the ol' pen and paper experience. I really enjoyed all of the older games like Pool of Radiance, Baldur's Gate 1& 2 (and soon 3!), Icewind Dale 1 & 2, Atari's Elemental Evil, and Digital Extreme's Sword Coast Legends. I thought that last one was going to be a game changer with some of the mechanics involved in the DM mode, but alas.

Suffice it to say I am extremely excited about what Solasta can bring to the "table." The demo was great, and waiting for this is going to be so hard!! 

Congrats on your successful Kickstarter, and I look forward to what you show us in the future.

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9 months ago

Hello! So glad that you're making this game.

I've been playing D&D since '86, though lately I've been playing more Pathfinder than any of the other systems. I loved the old SSI games, Neverwinter Nights, DDO, and other games mentioned above.

I'm really looking forward to the world and lore of this game. All the campaign settings that I enjoy have a rich and vibrant world. Gods, Geo-politics, and racial interactions give a depth and breadth that I love.

Thank you for this project and I look forward to the coming months!

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9 months ago

Greetings. I can't wait till this game gets released!

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9 months ago

Also an long time crpg fan from Pool of Radiance, BG I&Ii, through to modern PoE, D:OS, P:KM, etc.

Really looking forward to the upcoming patch of CRPGs returning to TRPG (D&D) rules though, especially Solasta which I backed on Kickstarter.

9 months ago

Hey guys! Can't wait for this bad boy to come out! 

7 months ago

My name is Tom, I'm an old bugger at 70, and my experience with TSR and pre-TSR products goes back a long time.  In my younger days I was originally a tabletop wargamer, Panzer Blitz, that sort of thing, but when Chainmail was released in the early 70s, it bloody well took my breath away.  I managed to get a copy of it from a wargaming monthly in '72 I recall and I played it pretty heavily until D&D was released in 74-75.  That was the big one for me.  I still play a modified form of 1E to this day, and still have a group that meets once a week to play an ongoing 1E Greyhawk campaign (since 1982).  2E was great upgrade, Zeb Cook did a fantastic job with that ruleset, but I was never a massive fan of 3E/3.5E.  I've not bothered with 4E or 5E.  Solasta, however, looks like a bloody incredible game !

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7 months ago

Hello there,

played the demo yesterday and I was really impressed for an Alpha. Too bad I missed the kickstarter campaign, so I was wondering if there's another way to late pledge to help with the game development. Otherwise I'll wait for release and buy it then, for sure

Thanks, and good job!

Tactical Myzzrym
Level 14
Tactical Adventures Dev
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7 months ago

@Arancio: There isn't any late pledge option, but just wishlist us on Steam and you'll be informed as soon as the game hits the store :D

5 months ago

Started in 78, I think, with ADD. Played that through high school and college, some after college. Then nothing until about three or four years ago. First was a 1E Monty Haul campaign, once a month; now it's 5E once a week for the past three years or so.

Most of my earlier stuff was as a DM, now I'm a player.

No electronic gaming, except maybe Sid Myers Civilization. Was in an accident 20+ years ago; paralyzed from the shoulders down. Been looking for a turn-based game for a long time.

Level 1
5 months ago (edited)

Hi there. Hope everyone of you is fine.

So i want to introduce myself:

My name is RaminBlake or in real life simply Karsten. I am from Germany and 48 years old. 

Since the early 90's i play games. The first one was Age of Empires an the game that i play for the longest time was Baldurs Gate 2. If i am richtigen i Player it fo round about 6 or 7 years.

Later i played mostly games like Divinity Original Sin series (i really like the humor of Larian) or Pathfinder Kingmaker.

The last game i played is from another french studio, the game called Wolcen Lords of Mayhem. With start of their Kickstarter campaign i am very active in the german community. But the game take the wrong direction. 

So after that i started my own to communities. The first is for my Lets play cannel and the second for New World, the MMO from Amazon.

Now i started my third one, a german fansite for Solasta, incl. forum and german discord.

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4 months ago (edited)

Hey! I'm from Poland, i'm 19 years old and my name is Christian. I want to say that i felt in love with your demo! Hope to see the full game in no time :-) But it's okay, i'm very patient i wont forget about you guys :-) 

Sory for bad English :-)

Take care, lots of love :-)

EDIT: I forgot to ask if the game will be translated into Polish?