Warlock, Bard & Monk Community Subclass Design Event (Wishing Well)

Tactical Myzzrym
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3 months ago (edited)

Hello there folks!

Although we only had the budget and manpower to release Solasta 1.0 with 6 classes (7 with the Sorcerer), we've always hoped we'd be able to one day have all the official classes implemented in-game. And with your constant support and positive reception, we can confirm at last that the last three classes are indeed coming in a yet undisclosed date in the future! But that's not all. Those of you who've followed us for some time know that we've always worked hand in hand with our community - and today we are once again showing that it is a promise we keep. It is time... For a new Wishing Well Event, this time for the Warlock, Bard & Monk!

What is the Wishing Well?

The Wishing Well is an event where everyone gets to submit design ideas for the Community Subclasses that we’ll implement in-game for remaining classes – one for the Warlock, one for the Bard and one for the Monk. Just like the Stone Barbarian and the Wind Druid (you can find the previous results here), these community subclasses will be available when the classes are released in our next DLC

 We (Tactical Adventures) will be going through the submissions to select ideas that we find really cool, and either implement them as such, or tweak them to fit the game (for instance if the feature sounds really great but is too complex to implement, we’ll adapt or simplify it). The name (or nickname) of those we’ll use ideas from will be added in the game’s credits as Community Designers, and they will also receive an exclusive title on our Discord Server, a Steam Key for our next DLC as well as the PDF of the Solasta Sourcebook. 

When is the Wishing Well taking place?

The Wishing Well starts now and ends on Sunday June 19th 2022 at 11:59 pm PDT.

What are the rules of the Wishing Well?

  • Please only participate once per person, i.e. 1 submission maximum per class 
  • Please do not submit existing designs taken either from official sourcebooks or existing homebrew (unless it’s your own homebrew and you’re willing to share of course)
  • You do not need to submit a complete design – for instance, if you have cool ideas for a level 3 and level 6 features, but nothing for level 10 and 14, you can still submit something!
  • Please note that by participating, you agree to Tactical Adventures using the content you submitted. The legal guidelines can be found here, if you’re proficient in legalese and want to dig into the documents. Long story short: If you submit something, you allow us to use it!
  • Please note that we may adapt and modify the design you submitted
  • Please note that we may select features from different submissions to create both community subclasses (as in, picking a level 3 feature from one submission, and a level 6 feature from another one…)

How do I participate to the Wishing Well?

Simply submit your ideas in this Google Form! 

How will I know if my submission is selected?

Before releasing the DLC (date not yet revealed), we will announce which ideas we selected (and some personal favorites as well) in a news post just like this one – and the name or nickname you put in the Google Form will also be added to the in-game credits as Community Designer. 

Alright folks, this is the end for today! As always thank you for reading, we can’t wait to see what crazy ideas you have in mind! Also, check out our Forums and our Discord Server to chat with other players!

Article by Tactical Myzzrym

Level 5
3 months ago

Tactical Adventure should rather look that they bring translation programs for the campaigns and self-made adventures with it, as it makes the mod CE 2 of Nexus, it is very funny that you prefer to bring more and more DLC but it does not fit the playability, we play here no shotter but a role-playing game, not understanding the language destroys the game to 50%, that's so and you should work on it, is my opinion and I'm not alone,

Level 2
3 months ago

100% agreement, even if somewhat harshly formulated, but basically right

James Neal
Level 4
3 months ago (edited)

Please let Monks come with animations for using Step Of The Wind to vertically jump 10' elevation changes.

What is the point of being a Monk if you have to CLIMB like a pleb.

Deleted user
3 months ago (edited)

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Deleted user
3 months ago (edited)

This post has been deleted.

3 months ago (edited)

This post has been deleted.

Level 1
Wishing Well Druid
3 months ago

Now that submissions are closed I thought I'd post some sneak peaks at the 2 that I entered. Once the competition is over, whether these get picked or not, I will release the full subclasses to the public via PDFs.

"Drawing their power directly from nature itself, Warlocks of The Green follow in the footsteps of their ancestors from the old empire. Accomplished bowmen, they specialize in summoning natural allies as well as the more destructive sides of nature’s magics."

"Attuning their Ki to the elemental forces that helped destroy the world during the cataclysm, some monks harness these destructive forces to bolster their defenses and strike at their foes with the fury of the cataclysm itself."

3 months ago (edited)

I guess I'll share my submissions too, though I don't plan to do full writeups for them (I do have an eldritch cleric that I'm pretty happy with though).

Occupied Soul Warlock - A warlock inhabited by ghosts. These ghosts can haunt enemy creatures which allows other creatures to move through their space and the warlock to cast spells from the haunted creature's space. They also let the warlock fly around and spray ectoplasm, refreshing the ability to do so when a haunted creature dies. (edit: I didn't notice that lost valley already added a ghost themed sorcerer subclass. oops! At least none of the mechanics overlapped.)

Jester Bard - A bard that disables with humor. Their roast ability enhances the vicious mockery cantrip, dealing fire damage and refreshing itself when a creature misses, and when a creature misses with an attack they can use a bardic inspiration to heckle, briefly incapacitating another creature with hideous laughter.

Furious Fist Monk - The counterpart to the open palm, this monk channels their emotions into an aggressive style. They can use ki to switch between a preemptive strike stance that lets them make an unarmed strike as a reaction against a creature that tries to hit them and a running attack stance that lets them push enemies back on their attack after moving. They can also use ki to briefly blind nearby creatures when they defeat an enemy, deal additional damage to creatures that have injured them, and eventually spend ki to critically succeed on a death saving throw.

Level 5
3 months ago

Damn I missed it. Really wanted to plug my favourite monk class!

Level 5
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2 months ago

Now I am very courious to see the differents archetypes chosen, I can wait to see the results :D

Quoi que tu dises, quoi que tu fasses...

2 months ago

What is current level cap

1 month ago

Is there any information on when the results will be revealed?