Wand of Magic Missiles

Level 3
7 months ago

I have found a Wand of Magic Missiles and used it happily, but unfortunately it is not recharging as it is supposed to. The stats state it will recharge a random number of charges at dawn. It has been stuck on 2 of 7 charges for many game days now.

7 months ago

This is happening to me as well.

Level 3
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7 months ago

Third. Used it in one encounter, travelled overland for several days and it had recovered zero charges.

Level 5
7 months ago

+1. I have two wands of magic missiles, neither are recovering charges.

Level 1
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7 months ago

same issue here they arent registering dawn and so no charges returned.

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Level 9
7 months ago

Same issue.
BTW, should wands be recharged after taking the rest or it require casting spell for this purpose?

Level 3
7 months ago

I have the same issue with charges not refilling and this additional problem:

I found two magic missile wands, so I used some charges on one of them and then switch. For some reason the game does not allow direct switching by drag-dropping the one wand on the equipped one (charge number does not change). You have to unequip one and then equip the other one.

This is annoying because that means it requires 2 turns to switch wands in combat.

5 months ago

So my problem is that wands don't deplete charges, I have a wand of magic missiles which i used 5 charges in a row for several attacks (this wasn't a bad thing for me as I was stuck trying to defeat the brood outside the door without having a place for a long rest). Makes battles really easy when you have infinite charges!

5 months ago (edited)

I also have the "wand does not deplete charges" issue with both the Wand of Magic Missile and the Wand of Lightning Bolt. I literally burned 5 charges on each for 4 consecutive turns.

I mean it was awesome but also I'm pretty sure not what was intended.