Wand of Magic Missile do not recharge

Level 3
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6 months ago

Found a wand of magic missile in a chest in the tower of magic. Used two charge on the first day of travel back, when I finished the travel three days later, no charge were recovered

Level 5
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6 months ago

Can confirm, even after a few weeks of travel and several long rests the Wand of Magic Missiles doesn't regain its charges.

Level 4
1 month ago

I have the opposite problem - mine doesn't seem to consume charges (maybe it changed in a recent patch?). I upcast it with 1 less than the maximum number of charges (6/7) and it is still completely full of charges the next battle.

Another issue is that you can't equip it in your hand, which seems very weird, considering you can equip non-charged wands in your hand. But the wand with charges you have to equip in your Utility slot, which really confused me at first.