Vote for the Mayor of Caer Cyflen! (January Community Vote - Part 2)

Poll: Who shall become the next Mayor of Caer Cyflen
The poll is over. Thank you for your participation.
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3 years ago (edited)

Hear ye, hear ye! The vote will now begin!

Hello there everyone,

The submissions are now closed. First of all, thank you to all participants - we receive no less than thirty nine mayor candidates! We were all very impressed by the overall quality of the submissions, and had a great time reading through all of them. I almost feel like a civil servant of Caer Cyflen, with a fat stack of paper on my desk going through each and every applicant.

Unfortunately, only five will be selected for the final round! Some decisions were very hard to make, and we had some long discussions about who the final fives would be. Now without further ado, here they are in no particular order (you can read their full description below):

  1. Kiaradth Bright-Spark, a talented Elven girl who dreams of adventures while insisting that she's not really the Mayor.
  2. Mildra Fernshaper, a ferocious Human lass with a sharp intellect and an even sharper tongue.
  3. Haldrig Skandroksson, a joyful Dwarven fellow who loves to share stories while dumping the more boring duties onto his poor secretary
  4. Gothagara Cragtolm, a wise Dwarven lady with a strong love for books and knowledge.
  5. Molly Saltwash, a charming Halfling girl who idealize the adventuring life and hates being treated like a child. 

Contest Rules

  1. Voting ends on Monday, February 17th, 11:59pm PST
  2. Anyone with a Forum Account may participate in the voting. Limit of one vote per person.
  3. The winner will have his Mayor implemented in-game and be credited as the designer of the Mayor of Caer Cyflen in the Credits
  4. All of those who wrote a valid submission will also receive a Forum Trophy for their participation to the contest
  5. Necessary disclaimer: We reserve the right to alter submissions or work with their author to fit our design and specifications. You can read the full legal document here (roll Investigation DC15).

Kiaradth Bright-spark

Kiaradth Bright-spark, an elven female of local renown, before the mayorship was rather forced upon her. She is convinced that they will find a real mayor soon, that her temporary service is nearing its end; she’s had these hopes year after year.

In her youth, Kiaradth excelled in practically everything she put her mind to, or rather her hands to, for she is a do-er, not a thinker. Woodwork was her first, and continuing passion, as it was taught to her by her mother and father, who were carpenters themselves. She speaks plainly to strangers, commandingly to her subordinates, but softly to her friends, those who bring her stories. Strong, stubborn, and a minor perfectionist, as a child she passed classes, aced those she liked, and had the whole scope of life before her to explore.

She initially spent some time in the garrisons of Caer Cyflen, and would eagerly await the arrivals of each Imperial Squadron, for they brought with them great tales of adventure. Her dream was to chase those adventures, and bring great fame to the city, and to herself. A dream she still retains to this day, although, as each day passes, she labels it increasing unlikely.

During her years in the garrison, she stumbled up the ranks, often filling in the position of her higher up’s, before being given that place permanently. The high turnover of garrison hierarchy, was caused by the difficultly of the ‘old guard,’ to successfully maintain the true principles of ‘Equality for All’. Over time, corruption seem to seep into the lives of the leaders, the scandal would be publicised, and the leader would consequently, step down, (or worse in some cases.)

It was not until she was offered the position of Mayor, that she realised, just how high she had risen, how much she had accomplished, how much of her life had passed without the adventures she had dreamt of. She initially accepted the post, as an interim position until they found someone more suitable. She suggested looking outside of the garrisons, the clerks, the owners, and more to those who truly represented equality, those whose loyalties were solely to the benefit of Caer Cyflen.

Years of searching, has yielded no-one. In fact, she would still insist that she is not the Mayor, but still just holding the position until they find someone to ‘really’ take over. By no means though, has she neglected her post. The city has become well respected as a bastion of the ‘intent of the law’ rather than law itself. A place where contextual justice, overrides fine-print, and legal deception. This is not without cost. Kiaradth walks the tightrope of balancing the ‘working classes’ and ‘ruling classes’, both attempting to morph true equality to their advantage. Unfortunately there is no other who can walk that line. 

Kiaradth is mayor in all but name, still dreaming of adventures, and still finding time for stories from any who come before her counsel.  

Mildra Fernshaper

Mildra Fernshaper was born to a family that is rich, strict and traditional. Her grandfather, a talented farmer-turned-merchant, managed to accumulate quite a fortune in his life. Her father used the money to buy himself a name, and slowly advanced his political standing in hopes of becoming an important figure among the ruling party. He raised Mildra to be the perfect ruler, hoping that she would be able to finish his life's work. She was taught all the technicalities: history, law, dispute management and even some military tactics. Unfortunately, Mildra, even as a little girl, never seemed to care much for status and politics. Despite being witty and shrewed; a natural politician, as some would say, her despise towards both the nobility and the simple folk has lead to a lot of criticism and even some enemies. 

People who met her as a young girl would describe a bright, tough, sharp-tongued imp with no respect whatsoever to anyone. Eventually, some time before his death, her father managed to list her as a candidate for mayorship. At first she refused, wishing to find her own path in life. But then her father passed away due to a sudden heart attack. He never expressed it, but it lead to her thinking that his last wish was for her to lead as mayor. 

And so she fought ferociously for the role, only to be immensely bored with it a few years later down the line. 

When the players meet her, she definitely seems unfitting for her role. Rude, obviously bored, cynical and politically incorrect in any way possible, one would wonder how she ended up in this position anyway. A somewhat deeper look would reveal an intelligent, sharp and extremely talented leader, who takes no shit from anyone.

As for her attitude towards adventurers, she doesn't care much for them. As long as they don't cause any mess that might produce more paperwork for her, she's okay with them. However, she does have an eye for potentially useful political tools, should one introduce itself.

Haldrig Skandroksson

Mayor Haldrig is beloved by his people and cares deeply for each and every citizen. Everyone knows when the mayor is in a room because his voice is so unique. He has a Loud & memorable laugh. It erupts from his belly and can vibrate a room. It is often joked you can hear his laugh clear to the next town. His normal voice is friendly, yet efficaciou, and full of bass. When his pitch changes to a more monotone sound you know he is deep in thought or worried.

Haldrig Skandroksson had successful career in the local militia for 79 years moving up in rank quickly. He is well known and honored for winning the battle of (insert relevant battle). But in said battle he heroically lost his left hand and can no longer wield shield and ax. His charisma and renown lead to an offer from the princess to retire from the militia and take the position of Mayor. Loving his home and people he happily accepted the position and views it as a new way to serve his homeland. He was appointed on his 96th bday & has been mayor for 24 years now. He & the princess get along quite well and have a great deal of mutual respect for each other.

Mayor Haldrig loves any chance to host a boisterous celebration or talk about his military days. Witnessing so much death on the battlefield has given him a carpe diam type attitude. He enjoys each day as if it were his last. He views being mayor an honor and part of who he is. He is very welcoming to all newcomers and even offers to show them around personally when they arrive. He has a firm opinion on right and wrong and condones thugs who prey on those physically weaker.

Haldrig is up before the sun most days, a habit carried over from his militia days. He can be found in his office taking care of his mundane duties early so as to have plenty of time for enjoyment later. By lunch he is often out and about. Although he takes his duties as mayor very seriously he often avoids the “boring ” parts. To the annoyance of his halfling secretary (Rosie Swiftwind) paperwork is often deemed less important than walking about town and talking with the citizens. Without Rosie none of the clerical work would get finished on time. If you can catch him in the office, Haldrig has an open door type policy for his citizens if they have a problem or concern.

What are his little pleasures in life? A good Inn & pub can bring great joy to an adventurer & townsfolk alike. Who doesn’t like a quality mug of ale and a tantalizing story to keep you on the edge of your seat? Simple shops with tasty treats & rare trinkets can always bring a smile. But the number one little pleasure in Caer Cyflen is their song birds. These beautiful little birds are native to Caer Cyflen and treasured by the people. To hear one sing brings the most delightful sense of peace.

Gothagara Cragtolm, Mayor of Caer Cyflen

Gothagara Cragtolm is a female Dwarf, in her mature years. She’s not an elderly but has the insight and the wisdom that old wise people can have.

Gothagara has never been an explorer nor an adventurer. The best adventures she could ever expect always have been with books and archives. As a matter of facts, until recently, she and her husband, Thelnur, were archivists and private researchers, owning the largest book collection of Caer Cyflen. That’s why they’re known as being “the memory” of Caer Cyflen and its surrounding parts but also as dwarf lore keepers.

Gothagara didn’t intend to be mayor but was fully devoted to the previous mayor, Lord Hoghton, for she was his First Deputy Mayor. Lord Hoghton died of sickness during his mandate; Gothagara accepted to fulfil her engagements and took the position of Mayor.

Although respected, Gothagara speaks with a strong dwarvish accent and is sometimes made fun of because of that by her detractors. She’s also known for being energetic and scatterbrained, for example forgetting that her glasses are on top of her head while looking for them. But make no mistakes, she never forgets a face or a fact. Some might say that her hectic attitude reveals the fact that she doesn’t like her status of Mayor or isn’t made for it.

On the contrary, those who have a little insight of Gothagara during her working hours could argue with this. She has a tremendous respect for the princess of the Principality of Masgarth, takes her job very seriously and is willing to welcome, serve and understand those who seek her aid. She warmly welcomes strangers and help them, as long as they don’t cause any trouble in Caer Cuflen.

Although being passionate about her current position, Gothagara is realistic: if she doesn't renew her mandate, she and her husband will continue their former activity.

Meanwhile, she’s proud of the city and serves its inhabitants keenly. Her daily routine always starts with a walk along the park then she works until the sun sets. In case of doubts or when she’s stuck with an unsolvable question, she always takes a walk in the park to “clear her mind”.

At the end of the day she enjoys having a cup of tea with her husband and their huge and leisurely watchdog, Tick-Tock. They talk about anything but political affairs, sometimes reading letters they receive from their son, Thevran, who lives in a bigger city, or sharing their impression on various authors. Once a week, she participates in the local book club, “The Speaking Volumes Book Club”, led by Thelnur.

Molly Saltwash

Molly Saltwash is the daughter of fishers and netmakers, who spent her formative years in the marshlands. Though she was accustomed to an often mucky life in the marshes, she dreamt of something more—a grander, cleaner life that could be found in urbanity. 

Molly has a knack for wheeling and dealing, and volunteered to negotiate transactions with traveling traders as often as she could. One year, a friendly caravanner—a hill dwarf by the name of Bardi “Butterfingers” Ketilsson—took a liking to the shrewd halfling, and offered to take her along to the market in Caer Cyflen. Once Molly laid eyes on a city—a real city with paved streets, delicately manicured gardens, buildings as tall as the sky—she knew she could never live out her days in the marshland she had for so long called “home”. 

After a contentious “good-bye” with her family, Molly moved to Caer Cyflen and rose up in society as a guildswoman, using her wit not only to charm customers but also her competitors. She made enough money for herself, her ventures, and her family.

After a few years, Molly caught the eye of a local government worker, a clerk who had worked with Molly with more than a few inane stacks of paperwork for her various business ventures. Keri Leanbough, a half-elf, invited Molly along to a party hosted by the city’s Master of Coin. 

“We may get quite a few noses turned down at us,” said Keri. “But my plan is to be too busy sampling wine to care.” Molly attended the party, and took nicely to this bit of decadence. There, she met the Mayor’s assistant, also in attendance and representing the then-Mayor of Caer Cyflen. Once plied with a few glasses of sparkling rose petal wine, the young human man decided he really liked this Molly and the rest, well, is history. 

Molly transitioned into the political sphere, gaining experience by working in the Mayor’s cabinet and then eventually taking the prime seat for herself.

Molly has adopted a more elite way of speech because she feels that suits her station, though a bit of a Marshland accent remains. She has a more authoritative presence than her stature and background would suggest—but where some might command with loud boasts and insult, Molly commands with subtle charm and sharp wit. 

Molly also has an ego. She has dealt with a hefty share of condescension due to her background and race. Her temper will reach a boiling point if anyone treats her like a child or a simpleton. 

Molly’s adventurous spirit called her from the marshland and she wishes her present duties allowed her more time to travel. She satiates that thirst for new sights and experiences through the tavern tales of adventuring parties who happen to cross her path in Caer Cyflen. She may have an idealized attitude toward the adventuring life and is not totally aware of the dangers it presents.

Molly loves clothes and jewelry. Passing tradespeople with baubles for sale will always catch her eye. However, despite her love of finery, she still enjoys fishing in a pair of comfortable overalls—though she doesn’t have a lot of time for it now. In odd moments of downtime or when she’s mulling over a particularly complex problem, she knits to keep her hands busy. It reminds her of making nets with her family, when she was younger. Her “happy place” is sitting by the shore of a lake, ocean, or even a marsh; her line cast; and a witty friend to keep her company.

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3 years ago

Haldrig :)

3 years ago


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3 years ago


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3 years ago (edited)

Waow! I'm Gothagara's creator ("Gothagara Cragtolm, a wise Dwarven lady with a strong love for books and knowledge."). I'm so humbled that she's been selected given it's loosely based on a real person and a NPC of mine (for other purposes). Gothara may seem “soft” in comparison to other contestants but I think her softness can also bring funny bits as well as more serious lore information and content in game. Anyway, I wish the other contestants good luck!

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3 years ago


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3 years ago

All the candidates are great!
It's so hard to chose so I took an easy way out and just voted for the representative of gender minority there!
Besides, I can't just go back on my word, - a dorf mayor is the best mayor. ;)

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3 years ago

Dwarf powaaaa!!!!

Just a beer .... nothing else matter.

3 years ago

Haldrig for me.

IMO his background was the most solid one with a little bit humor in it for me, the others less so.

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3 years ago

Those are all nice choices which makes it tough to choose.

I wish we had such talented writers back in the 80's as I published a paper RPG with two friends. I had talent with writing adventure ideas and flesh them out but when it came to NPC's, oh geeesh. *face palms*

I was not good with pulling names out of my sleeve for them and working out backgrounds. So reading all those entries on this page brings some memories back as they are all quite inspiring. :)

3 years ago

I'm interested in Mildra, you don't see many women written like that in the media, but they exist in the real world :) And she has potential for some fun lines. 

3 years ago (edited)

Molly Saltwash, as she reminds me of some of my best tabletop characters i've played/ played with.

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3 years ago

Haldrig sounds like a fun guy

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3 years ago

I want to echo louislelion here. I'm the creator of Kiaradth, and I'm just speechless. Never written for anything like this before. Good luck to the others and thank you for the chance and the nod.

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3 years ago

Mayor Mildra Fernshaper you have my vote!

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3 years ago

What a truly interesting group of candidates! I had a very difficult time choosing among them. Thanks to all the contributors who created these characters.