Visual Issues in Old Library

Level 4
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2 years ago

Near the dragon statue the graphics become extremely odd. Firstly there is the pillar you knock over to get there - once knocked over it visually enters a quantum superposition where it is sometimes still vertical and sometimes horizontal; I assume this is the glitch that has been previously reported? Similarly the floor around the statue visually disappears and reappears. More difficult is that the camera 'sticks' on a different level, leaving the party and their surroundings out of focus and hard to view. Moving the camera around near there sometimes shows a big white up-arrow over a white circle. There are a couple of 'Crafting scroll of Jump' items which when you read them say they give you Mage Armour but require the Jump spell to craft. Finally, pressing 'M' to show the map then pressing 'M' again without moving leaves the camera somewhere other than the party - easily enough fixed by double-clicking a character but presumably not what is intended.