Vel Wanderer Campaign, exploration focused, 16 maps, levels 1-10

Level 6
3 months ago

Vel Wanderer is an exploration focused campaign carried by an epic, original story and interspersed with tactical combat.

How close can we get Solasta to a non-linear open world?

This campaign is for everyone, from casual players to hardcore*.

Vel Wanderer is an epic adventure that spans 16 maps and character levels 1 through 10. It includes: an original story arc in Solasta’s lore, multiple endings, diverse environments.

Your journey begins after an unexpected attack on a human village near Coparann…


  • Campaign: Vel Wanderer

  • Starting map: Vel Wanderer A1

  • Difficulty: normal *

  • Feature: non-linear “open world” exploration

  • Loot: modest

  • Focus: exploration

  • Maps: 16

Installation instructions:

Note that Vel Wanderer maps will be used in a new community run contest starting in November 2021, so keep your save games around. To be ready to submit an entry, take screenshots (F12) of each map (M) after you explore it, your favorite battles, and victory screen.

* For players of other Vel adventures: combat in Wanderer is normal difficulty when on Authentic -- significantly less hard than prior adventures -- in order to make this accessible beyond an audience of hardcore players. Wanderer still has some optional, very challenging locations, but you’ll know them when you find them. If you’re looking for a consistent hardcore combat experience, try the Vel Leverage campaign or Vel Bring Em Back.