[v1.0.22] Items with passive magic property are not effective when unidentified

Level 14
1 year ago (edited)

I found a "Splendid half-plate armor", with a magic +1 property, and an AC +DEX bonus property.

If I wear it without identifying the magic property, it does not add the +1 to AC, only the +DEX bonus. Even after a short rest.

I would agree that a character cannot use a magic item that requires a command or the knowledge of its property to function. But in this case the armour has a passive, magic +1 property that should work whether it has been identified or not. For example, that's how it was done in Baldur's Gate, and it felt right.

Not sure where to post this, after searching a little bit it seems to be the consensus so I'll put that in "bugs" rather than "suggestion".

I would be interested to hear other's opinion on this, maybe I should have posted in the general area.