[v1.0.15]Game-locking bug in "Report to the Council" main quest

2 years ago

I discovered a repeatable bug in the beginning of the "Report to the Council" main quest. What happened to me was when you first enter Caer Cyflen and go to the Gravekeep's Cask to meet with Lord Carran after acquiring the Sorak Head I happened to have a character standing in front of Annie Bagmordah while another character triggered the dialog with Lord Carran. This created a situation where after the dialog with Lord Carran, which unlocks the the "Arwin Merton's Story" quest line, instead of the dialog scene with The Legacy Council loading; the opening dialog scene for Arwin Merton's Story with Annie loaded. After the scene with Annie played out, it then reloaded the dialog screen with Lord Carran in the Gravekeep's Cask with no dialog happening and being stuck on that screen. Fortunately I was able reload a save from right before talking with Lord Carran and made sure no characters were near Annie before approaching Lord Carran. The game progressed with no problems. Then I reloaded the same save once more and recreated the bug by placing a character in front of Annie again. It might be worth seeing if any other situations similar to this exist where it might be possible to place characters in front of sequential story triggers if this creates a similar problem.