[v1.0.15] Keen Mind (loremaster wizard) skill doesn't reduce crafting cost

Level 7
1 year ago (edited)

While keen mind skill does reduce the time required for crafting it doesn't affect crafting costs at all, the current description of Keen Mind reads:
"Advantage on Arcana, History, and Investigation ability checks,

Advantage to copy scrolls to your spellbook

Scroll and potion crafting costs and times are halved."

Scroll and potion recipes that require 1 component still require 1 component and recipes that require 2 components are unaffected as well (still require 2 components).

Since introducing half-units might be difficult at this point I'd suggest modifying loremasters' recipes to work as normal recipes do (normal crafting time) and doubling the output. And changing the Keen Mind description accordingly. 

As it currently stands loremasters' defining feature practically doesn't work.