V1.0 Overheating BIOS Sutdown

Dan Grady
Level 2
1 year ago

Hey lovely people,
I have about ~60 hours or so logged into the early access version of the game, but when I started a new game with 1.0 I realized this version is running incredibly hot for me to the point of BIOS turning off the computer. I'm currently using a 3090 with a very good cooling system. The previous versions I would run the game on ultra setting with 5120 x 1440 at around 120 fps and my machine would stay in mid temperature range.
Even when I lock the frame rate at 30fps, 1920x1080, at mid setting my machine will still overheat and shutdown. Currently, 1.0 is unplayable for me :( Anybody else have these issue?

Like mentioned previously I've logged over 60 hours with previous versions and haven't had this issue with this or any other game. 

1 year ago

Hi -I have the same issue.  Could fry an egg on my laptop even with low settings. It's quite odd, I can run Baldur's Gate 3 no problem and that game looks better.  Hope they optimize soon. :(

Level 2
1 year ago

I'm seeing it run at a constant 25% of system resources...and my PC is fairly hefty (not fantastic but I can run about 10 VMs on it crunching away in the background and play warframe / XCOM 2 in the foreground without it breaking a sweat so 25% is noticable). this is the only game I've run in the past two years that has caused the CPU fan to belt out uncomfortably hot air. not sure if the graphics fans are ramping up at the same time (I'll check and update).

some check that constantly running?

Level 1
1 year ago (edited)

6700K, 1080, max settings, system resources are on the high-ish side of good - except for the goblin infested ruin where you pick up the Lady - where the decidedly suspicious code for running water slows it.