V 0.5.42 First impression and bugs

Level 9
3 weeks ago (edited)

Really nice work since Winter update! I really enjoyed the side quests but haven't completed background quests because the game became too laggy.

General statements:

When a new countryside is loaded, it appears blur because no character is selected. It is boring to have to select all before the party can move, but it might be the cause of the corrupted saved files. It happened to me once, when I saved just after entered a new location.

I got a lot of recipes mostly of poison or poisonous projectiles (not correctly named...), but very few of potions or scrolls. A rebalance of such loot would be appreciated if not necessary.

I'm really disappointed by the quality of crafted items that are more or less +1. Sincerely, I expected more for my patience.

The game became laggy after the first side quest (Caer Lem and Dark Castle). The lag increased constantly after, not necessarily because I enjoy this game too long time! I initially thought it was because of too numerous items or the use of manuals sold at the Antiquarians, but it appeared before during my second try.

It's a hell when common shield takes place of a +1 or +2 shield when looted as other items don't always go in the appropriate slot.

Few details:

The cost of the "Superb quarterstaff" (the +2 one) is amazingly low, 2 SP!!! The Dwarven thrower is cheap at about 750 GP for a +3 weapon.

In the Dark Castle, there is still a problem with light in the hall west of Aksha's room. Even if curtains are open all the gouls are unlit, probably the same problem during the fight against Aksha.

Still the problem when NPC miss their athletic roll, they are protected by a prone position instead of being more vulnerable.

In the Tirmarian Tower, a skeleton archer is stuck in the shelves and so its loot.

In the paladin background quest, during the dialog in the inn, the paladin's voice is missing during his second sentence only. 

The "Runs in the family" side quest that has been activated during my first run appeared for unknown reason after the completion of the first two quests in the second run before I go to Copparan!! The management of these quests seems problematic since I had some problem of quests that were actually completed but the board didn't accept it (or them both, I don't remember).

That's all for now. I hope the problem of lag will be fixed very soon to explore this nice world, live exciting adventure and support the development of this marvelous game.

Level 9
2 weeks ago (edited)

I made some other tries to check the lag, following only the main quest. Lag began to appear in the Tirmarian ruins, after completion of Dark Castle. Whether we go to the Antiquarian representative to complete Angbi's bones quests or buy some magical items in Caer Cyflen.

Moreover FPS remain low (35 FPS instead of 60 normally and about 55 at the entrance of Tirmarian ruins) even when game is paused !

I checked local files before and after these tests : no problem.

Level 9
1 week ago

Additional statement:

Negotiation always works with Lizzara, even if we have a bad roll.