Using Wizards of the Coast DnD content

John Michael
1 year ago (edited)

Hi all.  Someone may have already asked this question and answered it so apologies if i am repeating, my question is:

Can the developers use content from Wizards of the Coast like the Forgotten Realms and various magic, character, creature and geographic resources from this realm and more general content?  Is this cost prohibitive or if Solasta is successful enough have the developers considered investing in this additional content?


Level 4
1 year ago

Without actual licensing they're almost certainly restricted to original material and whatever is in the SRD.

Level 7
1 year ago

Is this cost prohibitive

It is, apparently. TA used the so called SRD - - which costs, well, nothing, or close to it. They had a low start, so this was the only viable choice.

Regarding what their plans for future products are... no one except the developers themselves knows about it.