Upon Return Caer Lem Rotating Bridge Already Rotated

Level 3
8 months ago

Went back to Caer Lem to do the side quest (for the second time after going back to try for the chest I couldn't reach the first time around). The rotating bridge is rotated away from the entrance blocking further access to the location. You cannot misty step or fly over the gap. I'm not sure if this is a bug as per se but it would probably be ideal to have the bridge auto reset to face the entrance each time to avoid this (unless I'm missing something). As it is, I cannot complete the side quest. Love the spring update though. Thanks!

7 months ago

I am having the same problem

Simon Haldon
Level 6
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6 months ago

I just also posted about this as well - it isn't the only location where Fly does not seem to work.

6 months ago

yes.. levitate, fly, misty step.. all are negative.if anyone figures it out please post

Level 3
6 months ago

i have seen this one time, done several play thru and it has been back to the starting position on all but the one. Must be a bug as it is not consistent