Upcoming DLC- lets ratchet down random encounters

3 weeks ago

Hello fellow adventurer's. I am playing solasta on GOG, and so far  i am enjoying it a lot, with the caveat of random encounters. Like in Wotrc by Paizo, I have the same issue here. I am aware I can reduce how many encounters I get by playing a rogue and taking the right stats, however with the limited 4 player parties- I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO PLAY A ROGUE. Dealing with random encounter EVERY SINGLE TIME, i go really hurts the experience. Also the balance of said encounters is weird, my level 3 party encountered a bunch of enemies that would wipe a lvl 6 party. So i request, that for the dlc- which I plan to buy as it otherwise is fun. Include an option in difficulty to turn the RANDOM ENCOUNTERS OFF ENTIRERLY. Instead increase the xp in quests. 

Thanks for listening.

Level 6
2 weeks ago

That would probably be a welcome feature for many. The funny thing about having imbalanced random encounters is that it creates the illusion of a living breathing world, where characters might run into a creature that is well beyond their ability to defeat, which I actually try to do as a DM at the tabletop. It would likewise be fine to create that same realism as part of a CRPG, if you could run away like you can when you're playing a face to face game. The problem with random encounters in Solasta is that for a number of them the "escape button" is actually a "long rest firepit." Hard to escape a random encounter by long resting in the middle of the encounter. XD I'd be happy for the random encounters to stay the same, if every encounter had a blue square to escape on.