Unreachable loot

Level 14
2 years ago (edited)

If an enemy dies on a destructible support, like some of the cross-pillar platforms near the monastery graveyard, the loot bag shows up on the support. If you then destroy the support, the loot is unreachable, hanging in the air.

[edit and addendum]

In the monastery area, the first enemy you come across is a goblin who is sitting on a single square attached to a pillar. If you kill him there, the loot bag is unreachable (unless I missed something):

  • Normal attempts to pick it up fail with the standard no path available message. This is apparently due to the game engine not being able to use diagonal jumps (it would literally be only a 1-square diagonal jump to get there).
  • Misty Step or Shadow Step will put you in the square, but there is no keyboard or mouse command I have found that allows you to pick up loot in the same square.