undefeatable ambush during travel.

Level 1
3 weeks ago

So early on the game during the travel time I get ambushed by a bunch of zombies and a wizard or whatever, and my whole team is asleep except for my cleric. So its a surprise round and the enemy goes first. The enemy wizard acolyte and the zombies goes first and the enemy wizard casts sleep on my remaining cleric and it automatically goes to GAME OVER. And a message in the game over screen says, make sure you have someone with a revivify scroll..

There is absolutely no way to win this fight(ambush). And I always get this same ambush with the same zombies and 1 wizard, Is this some kind of glitch or something? 

Level 4
3 weeks ago

Go to the Options > Game menu and clear the "Preserve Random Roll Seed" (or something like that) then reload your game.

Tactical Myzzrym
Level 14
Tactical Adventures Dev
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3 weeks ago

Hey there!

Sounds like a bug, the dev team is on it