Ugly Truth Quest: Giants attack for no reason

1 year ago

After finishing the quest Ugly Truth and finding Gartok's friends, i returned to finish the quest only to have all giants attack me when i enter the encampment to report it. I tried approaching from the front and from the back door and nothing works, combat is triggered for no story reason at all and nothing up to that point would indicate otherwise. When killing Gartok, the quest fails. This is very disappointing as i really wanted to see the conclusion of the giants arc... 

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João Silva
1 year ago

I came here looking for answers for this exact same problem. Except I haven't found the missing giant yet. I'm still on the quest The Lost Giant and I have to report back to Gartok

Level 2
1 year ago (edited)

I have the same issue, I did not advance much on the story, I'm low level. I just did the rock quest, enter the cave, have a couple difficult battles (seems I'm low level for that still) and without exploring the rest of the cave I went out and the giants are hostile.

Maybe there's a timer to do the quest about finding missing giants? I only make 2 long rests since they gave me the mission. If there is, there should be some indication to it when the mission fails or something.

Edit: I'm sending my save, unfortunately, I don't have a save before the giants become hostile. This ink have a quicksave just in front of the giants camp before they become hostile:

I've got to say, this is very upsetting to me since I just restarted the game and replayed a few hours just because my original party did not speak giant and I wished to see the giant arc :-/

Level 4
1 year ago

Same issue as well, after talking to Rose and coming back they turn hostile for no apparent reason.

Level 1
1 year ago (edited)

Same issue. I'm going back to inform the Giants of my inquiry in the city and they attack me. In fact I got to the giant's encampment without problems but had to quit/save before talking to Gartok. When I'm loading back that saved game, the Giant attack me ! Same with previous saved games :(

*EDIT : Since the giants are non agressive when I'm outside of the camp I can click on them to initiate a conversation. I went in with invisibility on and was actually able to talk to Gartok and get to the next step of the quest. But as soon as the invisibility wear off, they attack me :(

Level 3
1 year ago

Same here at the later step.

I found the giant in the swamp and brought him back and they attacked me.

1 year ago

Same issue for me as well. After I return with Rugan they just turn hostile. I will send in my save as well. The first time it was Reya's quest bug that made stop playing, now it’s the giants.

This is strike two, Tactical Adventures. Strike three means you’re out.

Level 9
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1 year ago (edited)

Do not seem to be the same issue to me, I don't see that they talk about Giants becoming hostile towards players for no reason.

From the patch notes:-

Calming Down the Giants

Quick 1.3.48 update on the Beta Branch to fix the giants being hostile when you enter their camp after doing their quest.

Level 8
1 year ago

Yes, they were hostile, and they paid for it. Still a bug though ;)