Typos / Placeholder Text and Related Issues

Level 4
1 year ago (edited)

Handwritten note

Missing space typo ("hasthe")

Thug speech text placeholder

Poison crafting book III placeholder text for name/description

Text overflows item box in multiple cases

two examples:

Leather Armor +2 is actually only +1 (at least in its description, I didn't buy it...)

Level 4
1 year ago (edited)

Lizzaria's Journal

"neverreach" typo in first paragraph

Arrow title placeholder text


Orc Shortbow missing damage text

Orc Shortbow doesn't show "Effects on hit" section like other bows/weapons. Also should probably have the "Piercing Damage" tag.

Related in this screenshot - Shortbow +2 has no description, it just says "TBC lore"

Sleep has no info about its dice

It's not clear how many HP of a creature it can/will affect. There was another spell with this issue too (can't remember which) and in both cases it surprised me because I casted it and expected it to work but found out only after casting that it was limited to creatures with certain HP (when the message log says "you rolled XX HP for sleep" or whatnot.

Scorching ray says it affects 3 targets, but it actually allows you to choose 4 targets

Stinking Cloud typo

"CON saving to act" should be "CON saving throw to act"

Click to open/close this door.

Everything you can interact with says this. It's a small thing but it kills the immersion because it's so frequent.

It would be better to say simply "Click to interact." or to say nothing at all, if the text isn't going to be accurate.

Level 4
1 year ago (edited)

Dead Cleric Letter typo

missing space "lastwords"

Journal of Emtan Darwaz typo

"torot" should be "to rot"

Engraved Bone Dice

Incorrect tagging - "leather" doesn't seem to be right

Ghoul's Caress arrow recipe

Uses the poison vial sprite instead of the arrow sprite and has a weird name (both the recipe book and the crafting menu option)

Doomblade Rapier description inconsistency

Says it does 1d6 per turn, but then says it does 1d4 per turn. Not sure which is correct.

Bag of Holding / Handy Haversack from faction shop

Both show "60 pounds" as their carry weight multiplier. This looks different from these items when you find them from chests adventuring, where they show a multiplier instead (such as 3x or 1.6x)

Manacalon Orchids interactable object

Clicking this interactable object always causes two random party members to say this line of text at the same time. Their audio overlaps so it's hard to understand and the text often overlaps and is hard to read, too.

Level 4
1 year ago

Adventurer's Notes typo

"notreal" should be "not real"

Adventurer's Journal typo

"thengo" should be "then go"

Aksha's Journal typo

"thinkingof" should be "thinking of" (near the end)