Type of combat system

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Tactical Myzzrym
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1 year ago (edited)

Will this game be moddable (such that someone could possibly create a RTwP mod for it)?

We would love to add Mod Support, but currently it's not something we can guarantee we'll have (the workload for that is very high)

Something I've never seen in other games ... will there be the possibility of being able to escape from too tough fights?

Usually in other games if the fight is too difficult it is reload and avoided until you are strong enough.

It would be nice to be able to "postpone" the fight even without reloading, perhaps making the characters become exhausted or with some temporary penalty that can be eliminated after having rested.

That's something we'll touch on later :)

> As I understand it from the 'teaser', is a turn-based system supposed to be used? Maybe that's not the worst thing (as it was in Divinity: OS). However, many people who are fans of this kind of setting also like the real-time combat (like Baldur's Gate or Pillars of Eternity). Perhaps you should implement both of these systems at the start of the game concept and let the player make his own choices before the game starts? --- Do you want to use turn-based combat or 'classical' system? 

It is going to be turn-based. We understand some people prefer RTwP, however we prefer to focus on nailing one option right rather than having two options that work kinda "eh". It takes a lot of effort to ensure both work correctly and well^^

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1 year ago

I love turn-base, and I hope this game does it well.  I like using strategy and I have yet to find a game that is true to turn-based initiative based combat in the style of table-top, so I have high hopes here.

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