Two or three probable bugs, and a few other comments

2 years ago (edited)

In the gem quest, there is a room where you fight some zombies and dark apprentices, and a little loft overlooking it. That loft is a safe place to take a long rest but not a short rest, which makes absolutely no sense to me.

Also, in a few different fights now I've had a clear line of sight to an enemy and yet been unable to attack them due (according to the tooltips at least) to not being able to see them. For example, one random encounter on the way to the dark castle or whatever the destination for the gem quest is called featured acolytes and an evil priest attacking us on a bit of road shaped like an upside-down V. It took place in broad daylight and while there was some cover available, the enemies weren't making good use of it and mostly just came at us straight down the middle of the road. Yet several times early in the fight, I was unable to attack them because I couldn't see them. Guess I must have had the sun in my eyes LOL.

A similar thing happened when we tried to approach the ranger/werewolf/whatever he is near the castle. I suspect this one was intentionally scripted and thus not a bug in the strictest sense, but it's another thing that made no damn sense. Seeing wolves before I saw the guy, I assumed they were hostile and tried to attack. It wouldn't let me, again with the explanation that I couldn't see them, even though one wolf was about two squares from my party across more or less clear terrain.

Another thing that encounter reminded me of is that it seems like the options you're given for social interactions are rarely the best ones for the task at hand. Not sure if this is a bug or what exactly to call it but you'd think that, for example, a Persuasion task would be given to a character proficient in Persuasion with a relatively high Charisma, not to a random schlub. Or maybe it should offer the most optimal choice for each character if you succeed on those Insight checks it keeps having you make, but random choices if you fail. In this case I had two options with 35% and 25% chances of success, the latter a character with a Charisma penalty and no social skill proficiencies, and no option at all under the closest thing I have to a "party face" character.

Level 3
2 years ago

You make a pretty good point. Usually I only have one party member with a good charisma score. In any other game they would just do all the talking. There's currently only one charisma-based class in the game, and for everyone else, it makes a good dump stat. It kinda sucks that they only get one option. I frequently have options with only a 10-25% chance of success.

I guess you could argue that my party is not very charismatic as a whole, so naturally we would end up resolving things with combat most of the time, but it would be nice to have a bit more control over who makes those checks.