Two new campaigns are fun BUT.... (MAJOR PROBLEM)

Level 10
7 months ago

The two new campaigns are fun... BUT... there's one major problem.

There's no return to town at the end of the first campaign. So you are carrying along all this treasure FOR NO REASON. You can not sell any of it and buy better armor/gear. So what's the point in letting us have all this loot if there's no chance chance to sell it.

We finished the first one tonight and started the second one and were all shocker THERE WAS NO PLACE TO SELL all the loot from the first one.. and no chance to buy anything with that loot.

So why have 4 characters maxed out on encumbrance, if you are not going to give us a chance to sell any of this treasure? Should we just start dumping all our treasure on the ground because we are not given a chance to sell any of it?

A simple market/store at the end of the first campaign would have been a game changer.... but it never came.

Major fail.

Level 10
7 months ago

Dev's would it really kill you to put a shop at the end of these adventures so we and actually sell some of this gear?  I mean really.....

6 months ago

It should be possible to make a small module with a shop and run it between these two.

Level 2
6 months ago

There is a mod on the workshop called The Market that you can use between the modules.

Level 13
6 months ago

The two mini-campaigns TA out out there are from before the DLC update which had changes to the DM to support merchants and NPCs. They were really demos for the original rollout of the DM, it seems. There is much better community made content (at least 5 of which are better than the official campaign, in my opinion). If you check out the Steam workshop, the campaigns that have full fledged shops, NPCs, and span levels 1-12 are:

Vel’s Explorer (2 days left in the contest, at the moment)

Silverquick’s Ruins of Ilthismar

Vel’s Escape from Solasta

Vel’s Leverage Remastered

Silverquick’s Haunted Keep of the Slavers

All of these are better than the official campaign. There’s also a fair number of other campaigns that I haven’t made it to (or through) yet.