translation error

2 years ago (edited)


I just bought the game and I noticed a small error in the French translation.

It concerns the weapons, the property "Light" has been translated by the word "Lumière", but this word is for the light of a lamp or the sun. The correct translation is " Légère ", in relation to the weight.

Hoping that this helps to improve this game which is really good, we find the spirit of the paper roleplaying game :)

I just saw that this has already been mentioned (oops), you can delete my post ;)

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2 years ago

Same in german: the weapon property "Light" is translated with "Licht", opposite of "Dunkelheit" (darkness). Should be "Leicht", opposite of "Schwer" (heavy).

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2 years ago

Hi !

Actually I mention it too a long time ago with some other mistranslations but only one of them was fixed, so I post it again here :

The ammo for crossbows are "carreaux" not "éclair" in french. It has been fixed for the regular bolts, but the enhanced one are still named "éclair+1"

They are two "Epée à deux mains" (two-handed-swords) on the market but they are absolutely not the same. One of them should be renamed "Epée bâtarde" (Bastard Sword) or at least "Epée longue" (Longsword) because it may be used as a one-handed sword. (example with the Paladin creation process : you may choose "Epée à deux mains + bouclier" (wich is non-sense, except this is a one-handed sword actually !) or "Epée à deux mains" only (wich is actually a real two-handed sword).

Some of the new dialogues are not translated (patch from december 21)