Thoughts after one play-through

Level 3
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1 month ago

Here are my thoughts after completing a play-through.

I have also done one play-through of BG3, so at some points I will make some reference as a comparison.

Things I really like:

  1. 5e rules implementation - this is great for more simplified gameplay. Much cleaner than BG3's rules, and less complex than Pathfinder Kingmaker.
  2. Party banter and being able to influence by personality traits - This makes the part feel more real.
  3. Reaction and immediate action things like Shield, Smite, etc. This is the first game to ever get this right.
  4. Easy option for "torch + weapon". This has always been tedious in other games.
  5. Smooth movement - I like the "find the path" style of movement that does not require me to micromanage each step along the way.
  6. Environment graphics - So far I like the environment graphics 4/5.
  7. Character face maps - Assuming that there will be a greater variety later, these look pretty good to me 3.5-4/5. BG3 does this better, but it's not a  real issue.
  8. Equipment graphics - these look pretty good, but could use variety (i.e. Leather + 1 should look "better" than leather) when modeled on the character. NWN did a good job of this.
  9. Easy travel - I like that I'm not forced to micromanager rests while traveling, and he random encounter mechanic is good.
  10. City fast travel - love it
  11. Love the "porthole" view that makes sure the camera angle never hides my party. This is a constant PITA in BG3. In general, the camera control works pretty well.
  12. Spell animations - These are good, but could use some variety and perhaps a bit more "sound" interaction 4/5.
  13. Love that Cleric become a strong class, like it should (Spirit Guardians/Spiritual Weapon). Many games tend to nerf clerics.
  14. Love that the game does not take up my whole hard-drive storage space like some others (BG3).

Things I think could be improved:

  1. Lighting/Darkvision - This needs to be revamped to match RAW. This is messing up gameplay.
  2. Hair and Beard models - These do not do the game justice. Look towards BG3 for inspiration here. 2/5
  3. Main town NPCs, background sounds, etc. - could be improved to make this feel a bit more like a real place.
  4. Character creation - would be best if going back (previous option) did not erase the changes you have made. This is especially true if you are gaining access to Heavy Armor via archetype of Cleric domain and would like to select Heavy Armor as starting equipment (currently not possible).
  5. Balance/Difficulty - I had some issues with the first party I rolled using the "standard" method. After looking at the pre-gen characters with their "epic" level stats, I wonder if the game is balanced for those kind of stats or the "standard/point-buy". The party I used to finish the playthrough had more "epic" rolled stats (e.g. things like a 20 Dex at level 1)
  6. Need variant human to make it worth while to be a human. The base human offers little incentive for most builds.
  7. Obviously like to see Druid, Warlock, Sorcerer, and Monk eventually.
  8. Maybe some party interactions/questlines? Maybe this is cliche, but it works and makes the party feel more real.

I am really enjoying the game so far. Seriously, though BG3 has better graphics overall, I find that I want to play/replay Solasta more. I like the mechanics, rules, party banter, camera, and gameplay better, which is really saying something. Keep up the good work guys!

Level 5
1 month ago

"Need variant human to make it worth while to be a human. The base human offers little incentive for most builds."

I'd very much like to echo that. You've already implemented Feats as an option. Allowing for the variant human, so they can get a feat already at level one, makes taking human as the race option much more appealing. There is, undoubtedly, a large audience for this game that will absolutely want variant human as an choice for their characters.

Level 3
1 month ago
  1. "Need variant human to make it worth while to be a human. The base human offers little incentive for most builds."
  2. "Obviously like to see Druid, Warlock, Sorcerer, and Monk eventually."

I fully agree with the above, and would like to add, please add Battlemaster subclass for the fighter. Champion is the most boring subclass in 5E, and Spellblade is a gish.  Blattlemaster is really one of if not THE best subclass for Fighters in 5E, and it would be awesome if it made it in.  

Level 3
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1 month ago

Good catch! Yes, Battlemaster is THE fighter subclass.

Level 7
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1 month ago

Unfortunately the Variant Human isn't part of the SRD/OGL, so that's off-limits. (Same goes for Battlemaster.)

That being said, they really need to offer an "Alternate Human" with some better benefits instead of the +1 to all scores of the basic human. It's incredibly lackluster.

Level 7
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1 month ago

Yeah, if they can't do Variant Human then rename it as something else and offer something similar. While I get that there are people that like standard human, particularly if they're playing a MAD class, V. Humans offer actual parity with other races. The way it stands right now there isn't a reason to play humans beyond roleplay, and since it seems like races don't factor into roleplay that rationale for playing humans seems thin.