This game should still be in beta and I feel lied to.

1 week ago (edited)

I made games professionally for over a decade working in QA, then as a QA lead for years, and working my way through production for years.  I'm intimately familiar with the game development process. This game isn't done.

I started keeping track partway through a playthrough.  It isn't a complete list of the things I saw.  These also aren't fully researched (I'm playing for fun, not working for the team).

I think we all feel ripped off. With all the typos it looks like it was made via text message with autocorrect. I've made several videos that none of the team even watched and now they want us to pay for the fixes via DLC. This Game looks like it's still in early access after 2 years of full release. I seriously doubt they had any game testers and if they did either the testers didn't give them any information or the testers report was ignored.

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