There needs to be a way to end or leave combat

Level 3
1 year ago

I teleported to Dark Castle using the Major Gate from the city, then moved all my guys into the blue squares to exit the castle. This immediately started a battle with the skeletons on the walls and in the courtyard. All my guys hid and moved to the blue squares to exit the area...but instead they're just sitting there doing nothing while the skeletons aren't moving from the castle and are otherwise just passing their turns. As far as I can tell there's no way to proceed other than fighting the skeletons...

If this is going to be true to D&D then sneaking away from enemies and leaving an area without a fight needs to be an option rather than forcing me to do combat when the enemy has no idea where I am and isn't pursuing me.

Level 6
1 year ago

Agreed (Dark Castle seems to be a good location where this happens)!

Getting into combat, killing those enemies you see, but not being able to finish that combat due to enemies that 'belong' to that group but haven't seen you is kind of rubbish.  If you can hide your entire party or break line of sight to the enemy, then you should be able to exit combat.

1 year ago

Agreed!  I had a couple of really tough fights where, given the option, I would have bravely retreated (read run like a whipped dog) had I the option to do so.  I was kind of surprised that when I moved all of my characters into the blue square that I couldn't retreat.

Level 3
1 year ago

There are a couple of combat related problems.  Yes if the enemy runs away you are still stuck in combat.  I had another problem in that half my group was on one side of a tunnel and I could not get them together.  I had a big fight in the Secret Complex and closed a door.  The rest of the mobs ran off so I opened the door and just stood there.  Eventually I just loaded the save and went another direction.

If there is no path to the group and they are out of sight, then the combat should stop.  Retreat has been a long component of battles.

Level 10
10 months ago (edited)

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