The new Solasta Patch got flagged by Avast as a Virus Threat.... * sigh *

Level 11
1 year ago

I'm not a Windows guy.  I never use this computer for anything other than games.  Not even web browsing.

But I do scan it for viruses auto-magically none-the-less.

The new Solasta patch just got flagged as a virus. What do I do?



Level 14
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1 year ago

That can happen.

More options button > choose to ignore / declare solasta.exe safe.

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Brie Longbow
Level 4
1 year ago

Why I stopped using Avast -- It was doing that to a lot of my games and was just super annoying. 

I finally broke down and bought Trend Micro can usually get it on sale for around $20 around Christmas and have never had any issues with it on any software I use.