The game looks awesome, with the exception of...

6 months ago (edited)

...the GUI design. :-/

Could you please consider changing it to a non-flat, non-Windows 10-ish design? I've looked at your screenshots, it kind of ruins the immersion.

Everythings else looks so classy! :) (And classic.) Please give us a fine old-school GUI design. <3

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6 months ago

No way to please everyone or everything. I for one liked the interface during the demo. Found it clean, easy to read, and intuitive, myself. There have been other games where I had to watch a video just to figure out what things did, or their tutorial wasn't clear enough to allow to me play their game. Very sorry if you don't care for it, but there will be other things you love about it, that others may not. Maybe, if enough people say this, they will add an alternate GUI. Or, if mods are a thing, maybe someone will make one that suits your wants.  Ya' know? 

Game on!

5 months ago

I loved the GUI!! Very clean, clear, neat and doesn't break the immersion for me. I'd be a bit disappointed if they changed it.

Maybe a few different themes for people who prefer a different look?

Tactical Myzzrym
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5 months ago

Y'know, one of the things that I noticed when you're out there looking for mods is that "UI Mods" are very popular. I mean one of the most downloaded mod on Nexus Mods with almost 22 million downloads is... Skyrim's SkyUI. The most downloaded mod on Steam Workshop for Pillars of Eternity 2 is Enhanced User Interface.

What I think is that the visual aspect of GUIs is one of those things you either love or hate, for personal reasons. It can have other issues of course, such as being poorly optimized - but visually you won't ever please everyone. And that's why UI mods are so popular.