The Cradle of Fire quest: stuck in Emperor's tomb [1.0.18]

Level 8
2 years ago (edited)

In the Emperor's tomb, fight starts, but the team is stuck in the tomb, with no way to get out.
Next step, return to Urka (with the Emperor's key) cannot be achieved.

No way to exit the fight (that's a serious bug...)

2 years ago

Got the same problem, and its annoying me right now cause i dont want to start again(well i do but not before finishing the 1st try)

Any update ?
Anyone know a fix?

Level 8
2 years ago

Actually after I reloaded a previous save, and changed selected dialogs it didn't happen.
The first time one character went to open the door on the other side before starting Emperor's dialog. The second I went directly to the dialog.

From what I understand (trying to not spoil):

Battle 1 & Battle 2 started at same time in first attempt, and since you can't open door, enemies are on the other side, so battle 2 cannot be won.

In the second attempt, Battle 1 started, I won, then door can be opened, and Battle 2 started normally.