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1 year ago (edited)

Here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions, please don't hesitate to PM me on Discord if you have any other questions (it might help other people)


Q: I had Payment Issues with Kickstarter and the money wasn't sent. Do I still get my Kickstarter Reward?
A: When our Pledge Manager goes live, you'll be able to try to get the payment working again. As long as you tried to Pledge through Kickstarter, we still remember your Reward Tier. 

Q: I had one of the "Limited Tier Rewards" (Name an NPC, Name a Landmark...), do I need to do something or...?
A: Don't worry, most Limited Rewards will be handled through the Pledge Manager. For the more custom ones (such as "Your Face as an NPC"), we will likely contact you after you answered your survey. 

Q: When is the Pledge Manager / Reward Survey going live?
A: Around end of November, we will put an Update on Kickstarter when it does 

Q: Where can I get Physical Add-Ons? (Rulebook, RPG Starter Set, OST Vinyl)
A: You will be able to order those in our Pledge Manager when it goes live there: 

Q: Can I get Physical Add-Ons if I wasn't a Backer?
A: Yes, Physical Add-Ons will be available for everyone 

Q: When is the time limit for ordering Physical Add-Ons?
A: We don't know for certain yet, but at some point in 2020 we'll need to finalize the orders for the manufacturers to start making them 

Q: Is that a Late Backer Campaign then? Can I get Solasta as well in the Pledge Manager if I wasn't a backer?
A: No, only the Physical Add-Ons will be available as stand-alone. There won't be any other Kickstarter Rewards / Tiers available. 

Q: I lost my Survey Link, what do I do?
A: You will be able to get it back here once our Pledge Manager goes live:


Q: Will there be Multiplayer?
A: No, there won't be Multiplayer for our first project, it's too risky 

Q: Will there be Modding? 
A: Can't promise anything, but we're working on it! We really want Modding! 

Q: What's the plan for Alpha / Beta / Early Access?
A: We currently don't have a clear plan for those, we'll keep you informed 

Q: When is the game releasing?
A: The full game is planned to be released early 2021 

Q: On what platforms will Solasta be available on?
A: On PC, Steam is already confirmed (we'll be looking for other stores as well). We also plan to add Mac-compatibility post-launch 

Q: What languages will be supported?
A: For the moment, English, French & German have been confirmed. Other languages such as Russian or Chinese are under consideration (there might be additions post-launch) 

Q: What's the plan for DLCs / Expansions?
A: It will very likely be a thing! That being said, we want to focus on making a great game first, and think about DLCs / Expansions later 

Q: What classes will be playable at launch?
A: We currently have 6 Classes planned for launch: Fighter, Cleric, Wizard, Rogue, Ranger, Paladin. We have also planned Sorcerer as a FREE post-launch DLC 

Q: What races will be playable at launch?
A: We currently have 5 Races planned for launch: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Half-Elf