Talyon, TA's New Subsidiary Studio

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2 years ago


First of all, I am very surprised the TA team didn't post something here in this forum about this development.

Secondly, I am very apprehensive about and also confused by this and hope someone from TA will tell us more. TA itself is a small indie studio that just put out its first game. The only criticism that anyone could possibly offer of S:CotM is its small budget. So why would TA go and create a subsidiary studio instead of expanding the main studio? Now you just have two small studios when you could have one bigger, and thereby more efficient and productive, studio. It doesn't make any sense to me. But that said, I am very excited about getting more game-playing time in the Solasta universe.

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2 years ago

unlike what she said, bigger is not always better.  i support any action that favors creativity, innovation and freedom over maximizing yields or profit margins.  as for small budget, i would rather have intrigue over fancy graphics, originality over bug-free.  i say be small, be quirky, be flawed   

yellow flower of courage

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2 years ago

From the article, it seems like TA was already working heavily with Taylon for a couple years now. So I feel like this event is mainly just making that relationship official.

But it's good news that TA is looking to expand, as it means that Solasta did well enough and we can expect to see more and better games in the future!

Also, yes TA seems to have stopped posting on the forum?? I was waiting for Forum announcements of hotfixes and/or Sorcerer ETA before I began my post-launch run, but they never were announced here. I had to check the Steam updates page to realize that 2 hotfixes had been released...