Talema 2.0 Feedback

1 month ago (edited)

Nothing special to report here.

  1. In character creation when you choose leather armor you cant see the hair selection
  2. In the new demo the elf rogue with leather armor don't have hair but if you remove the armor the hair appair again
  3. In the new demo i've 4 rations but i can't select full rest only short rest, maybe i must give 1 ration to each character but i can't split items

Dev you have made a great demo ... no bug no crash all perfect to me.

Great work Tactical

P.S: My personal thought. I prefer the old backpack system and the old two side slot for the weapons.

1 month ago

Found another things.

In character creation when you customize the starting equipment in the custom weapon choice if you select short bow or light crossbow you don't get ammunition no arrows or bolts

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1 month ago

Ohhh nice catch.

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1 month ago

Oh, yeah it's true that the leather armor prevents you from seeing your character's hair. It would be nice to have a "helmet off / helmet on" option in character creation. Or that the characters would be displayed without headgear by default in this view.

Krisys aka Birb