Level 1
2 years ago

Just wanted to make a thread to express how much I've loved this game, and to compliment everyone involved on what they've created. I was a bit late to the party, so I missed out on the chance to support the effort earlier. But I definitely hope I get the chance to buy expansions down the line or something like that. I love supporting games that please me so much, and this one definitely has.

I've been fascinated by DnD since I was a kid, but just never had the right group of friends to try it out. Well, this game has been (as near as I can tell) a great alternative to that missed opportunity, and a way for me to finally get the DnD experience I've always been so curious about. (Much more than some of the other digital attempts I've checked out.) It seems to me that the game architecture that's been put in place here could grow into a place to experience a lot of the DnD content I've enjoyed from various DnD novel series over the years. So here's hoping that I get that chance, and a request for more Solasta to buy please!

Deep Blue
Level 3
2 years ago

I second that emotion!

Also wish I'd discovered the game earlier to support the creation of this masterpiece.


2 years ago

I am a broke-ass bum so I really didn't mind skipping the investment phase, but I love the game! Agree with the OP that this game is pretty close to a good old p&p role-playing experience (and I have done a lot of the latter).