Surprised constantly when traveling cautiously!

2 years ago

Seriously, cannot travel in the map because I’m constantly surprised. What is the point of having a high stealth/high perception character to scout for us if we get ambushed all the time?

It’s frustrating to the point of uninstalling because it’s not fun, nor is it representing 5e rules very well.

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2 years ago

It does seem that nearly every encounter we are surprised or asleep and it doesn't show the skill check roll.  It's not a big deal because you know you get a long rest after the fight which means you can unload with everything you've got and even if you get surprised most random encounters are very easy.  It should be looked at but I hardly think it's worth not playing.  The game is so much fun and the random encounters are infrequent.

Level 3
2 years ago

i too am getting tired of losing surprise. I have played for according to Steam I have played for 30.6 hours. As for what quest I'm on (for progress/travel purposes), I'm on my way to the "Masters"... Ummm Keep...? It was after helping the Baron in Coparran. Out of all the travel encounters I've had, there has only been 1 encounter where I did not lose Surprise (A total of about a dozen travel encounters).

Level 7
2 years ago (edited)


Small number statistics (a ~5 encounters traveling at each speed for the current version), but I'm surprised the same percentage of times regardless of my speed. And that percentage is like 80%.

I remember also being surprised often during EA for what it's worth.

Level 10
2 years ago

Can confirm. I'm playing on Scavenger mode, so it is supposed to be harder, but still, traveling slowly should decrease ambushes. But they only happen more often when choosing slow travel. Please fix?

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2 years ago

Agreed, just like the OP and even after 1.0 I'm getting ambushed almost every rest.
Often my rogue is also asleep (though the rest of the party are elves).
Slow travel seems to make it worse, though I have not really tested it.
However on 3 playthroughs I am still getting ambushed at least 3/4 of the time, even with high perception characters and/or rangers 

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1 year ago

Same here.  Since I travel in "slow mode" to hopefully avoid surprised first I'm like "WTH???!"  But then i realized that I'm getting XP for each of these fights and at the same time, I can use ALL my high power stuff to defeat them since I'll rest up after the fight.  So now I do not mind as much and will travel on "normal" speed prolly for the rest of the game.  Don't know...we'll see.  But this is by far my favorite game for quite a long time.

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1 year ago (edited)

In my case, it was rather random (I think a Perception/Survival check is done for each character), but I would say...
( I used Normal mostly, and Fast, as I wanted random encounters )

75% surprised
1 or 2 characters awake, often just 1.

Note : they are usually attacks at night, when logically only 1 character is on guard duty (aka fire picket).

I did not mind at all.  My party (using standard array and no cheats) could kill the random encounters rather easily, unloading any spell (as we get back our spell slots after anyway).  Never suffered any casualty in random encounters.

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